I have no idea how she does it, but Kyle Richards manages to be friendly with pretty much everyone in the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast. I live for it whenever she actually picks a side or shares an opinion. Unfortunately for me, that is not what happened during her recent Watch What Happens Live appearance, but she did comment on what went down on the season finale.

I have to give props to Kyle. She knows how to play this reality TV thing to her advantage. Pretty much every cast member is always on her side and she’s in good enough favor with the audience that she can plug any project she wants, so of course she answered Andy Cohen’s questions very carefully.


After Erika Girardi’s comments about Lisa Vanderpump being “obsessed with her p-ssy,” Andy couldn’t resist asking Kyle if she agreed. She said, “I think she loves to have fun and run with that, of course.” And Andy added, “She brought it up a lot.” Kyle admitted, “We all did all season.”

Andy conducted an awkwardly worded poll: “Whose side are you on: Lisa Rinna or everyone else except Eileen Davidson?” He also asked Kyle what she thought of the question. “That’s way too complicated of a question for me. No, I can’t really participate in that.”

During a Cruel Intentions-themed game, Andy asked Kyle, is Rinna accusing Dorit Kemsley of doing coke. Kyle said that Rinna “had cruel intentions” with her question. Well, obviously.

A viewer tried to provoke Kyle by asking, “Why were you so outraged by the way Lisa Rinna treated Dorit, but not as outraged by the way she treated Kim?” Kyle reasoned, “I was. What happened was I heard what she said about Kim [Richards] behind her back. When it happened with Dorit, I was right there in front of her at the table. It’s a very different situation and I had to deal with it in a moment.”

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In regard to pantygate, Kyle explained, “I love Erika and obviously I was in a bad position because I’m friends with Erika and Dorit. I knew that even though she said it was fine that she was still holding on to it because she was hurt by it.”

Another viewer asked Kyle, “Do you feel bad for treating Eden [Sassoon] so harshly because she told Rinna’s words to Lisa Vanderpump?” Kyle admitted, “I don’t feel bad about that. My issue wasn’t her going to LVP. It was about how she was approaching me and it was just too much: bombarding me.”

Of course, Andy asked Kyle if she thinks Rinna has a Xanax problem and Kyle said, “No, I do not.”

People were really doing the most with these attempts to instigate Kyle and of course she never fell for it. A viewer asked, “Did you think Lisa Vanderpump was trying to be shady when she encouraged your sister to confront Lisa Rinna on the finale?” Not surprisingly, Kyle answered, “No, I don’t. We actually had said going into this that it was going to be a night to clear the air.”


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