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Even though Tom Sandoval and James Kennedy both dated Kristen Doute and hated each other for a season and a half of Vanderpump Rules, they are way past that now and they are actually boys. I stopped trying to figure out the boundaries within this cast because that’s just a lot easier.

These two united to defend Lala Kent against the “mean girls” in the cast. And of course, they both had some comments to make about Kristen. Tom revealed which moment at the reunion made him tear up and James admits (again) that he used Kristen.


James and Tom stopped by the Pump Rules Podcast to break down the last season. At the reunion, Tom stepped in to defend Lala when she was arguing with Katie Maloney and Stassi Schroeder, but he still admits, “I didn’t feel like Lala didn’t do anything wrong. She definitely did, but Lala took responsibility for things and she tried to apologize. She knew she screwed up.”

What really bothered Tom was that “Those girls hadn’t really taken any accountability. They were playing the victim. They were like ‘Oh my god. Out of nowhere Lala is saying these really mean and hurtful things.’ And I’m like ‘Guys, let’s be f***ing real here. You started it.'”

Apparently the epic hate against Lala all stems back to when she interrupted Stassi and Kristen’s awkward speech at the engagement party they weren’t even permitted to attend at Lisa Vanderpump’s house. Tom recalled, “I think that was probably the most wasted I’ve ever seen LaLa. The funny thing was that the things that she was saying- and I get it, it was definitely rude- but she was taking the words right out of my mouth. She was telling Kristen and Stassi to wrap it up because they were literally rambling on and on and on and on and on.” And they weren’t even supposed to be there. I feel like if I was going to an event at someone’s home and I wasn’t cool with the host, I would try to politely blend in with the wallpaper instead of jumping up on stage.

Tom complained, “One of the things that irked me was Kristen up here doing this big speech about how she’s pretty much responsible for Tom [Schwartz] and Katie being together and I’m like ‘bitch, you f***ing tried to break them up.’ I don’t need to hear a f***ing ten minute long speech about how you’re the matchmaker, they owe you.” She did introduce them though.

James said that Ken Todd was behind him laughing and Tom alleged, “I heard Ken kind of provoking Lala to say something.” I doubt that Ken even cared, but then again, I wasn’t there… unfortunately. Because of that interruption and I assume the part when Lala pushed Kristen at the after party Tom declared, “From then it was a shit talk fest back and forth. Lala said some pretty f**ked up things.” Yep. No better way to rekindle a friendship than by hating on the same person together.

Never in a million years did I expect Katie to apologize to Lala during the reunion and neither did Tom since he admitted, “I thought it was amazing. I was starting to well up at that moment. I was very touched by that. I thought it was a really good move.” If only he had a dog on hand to wipe his tears on.

Still, Tom isn’t the captain of #TeamLala. He recalled, “Obviously I kind of tore hard into Katie about the accountability, but also I tore into Lala a lot about her shit. We put ourselves out there. We all put ourselves out there and it’s not fair for you to be doing this and Stassi said the same thing. I agree with her.”

Tom continued, “Even when Kristen and I were at our worst, I would never want her off the show because at least she puts herself out there. My biggest thing is if somebody is going try and come in, f**k with our lives, and not give any of her own, that’s the issue.”

He also revealed that something he said to Lala at the reunion got cut out: “If you decide to come back on here our f***ing show, you don’t start playing for the team and quit two weeks later or ghost and stop showing up for the f***ing games when we’re all showing. You have to show up, commit, and put yourself out there the way we do. Otherwise, don’t f***ing come back.” Now that is something I wish made the cut.

Even though Lala tends to distance herself from James and reel him back in whenever it’s convenient, James tried to back her up. He said, “She signed up for the show, whoever she’s with didn’t.” But still, he admitted that her flakiness took a toll on him. He revealed, “Obviously her walking away from the show upset me a lot because she was my only friend and ally that I could have lunch with. When me and Tom hang out it’s because we can’t go to lunch with everybody because I’m not invited.”

Tom mentioned he is relatively cool with Kristen– at least enough to be civil at a group event- but James had a totally different story. He said, “I’m not cool with Kristen. Kristen’s not cool with me. It’s not like I give a shit really.” Eh, it kind of sounds like he gives a shit since he immediately followed up with this anecdote: “After the reunion- the first time I saw her in a long time- she walked into Pump, goes to Lisa’s table and sits directly across from. It’s like I’m f***ing invisible James and she’ll ting everyone’s glass except mine. She’s f***ing nuts.” Tom interjected, “I’m glad that’s the case, she took her cross hairs off me and Ariana [Madix].” That’s not how the phrase “cross hairs” is used, but I get his point: Kristen coming for James takes time away from hating on Tom and Ariana.

Tom told James, “You and Kristen’s relationship was by far the most toxic relationship I’ve ever seen.” And then James told an unflattering anecdote: “I would be at Topshop, just pick out what I want and hand it to her and be like ‘Go sort this out darling, and I’ll be downstairs.'” And Tom had no choice but to respond with, “Are you serious? Then she did kind of take care of you then.” And James just admitted, “Yeah. I don’t give a shit.” Clearly.

After the obligatory discussion about their mutual ex, they got back to talking about the “mean girls” of the cast: Stassi and Katie. James declared Stassi “always made herself leader of the crew,” but Tom disagreed. Tom said, “I think Katie was more of the ringleader this past season.”

Tom (sort of) gave Stassi some compliments: “I’ve seen a change in Stassi. She’s become a little bit more self-aware. She’s a little less egotistical.” And then he added, “This past season she definitely inherited Katie’s grudges,” which is kind of weird since “she never really talked to Lala, but she went out of her way to go against LaLa, attack LaLa, try to sabotage her and it was strictly because of Katie.” James agreed and said, “The more she hated Lala, the happier it made Katie I think.” That’s definitely how it was “edited.” This season was definitely a rough look for Katie and that’s putting it mildly.

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