Sonja Morgan and Steve Gold on WWHL

There is no doubt about it: Sonja Morgan always elevates the situation when she is a guest on Watch What Happens Live. Andy Cohen barely has to do any work as the host because Sonja delivers comedic gold without even trying.

Speaking of gold, Million Dollar Listing New York‘s newest cast member Steve Gold was in the clubhouse as well and they both had some hilarious things to say.

During a game, Andy asked Steve to share the last time he sent a d-ck pic and Steve said, “I don’t,” but the answer didn’t stop there. Sonja chimed in with, “Points for that. I hate d-ck pics and I never had one until the wrong number.” Good for her. Andy elaborated, “In next week’s episode they go to Mexico and she gets a d-ck pic from someone texting her, but it’s a wrong number.”

Later, Andy asked Sonja a bunch of questions comparing Tinsley Mortimer and Luann de Lesseps as townhouse roomies. Believe it or not she named Tinsley as the roommate who sneaked the most men into the townhouse. Sonja explained, “Luann never brought anyone home.” So I guess single Luann was more of an away game person. Andy also wondered “who stayed out the latest after a night of drinking or didn’t come home the most?” Again, Sonja named Tinsley, but added “Well, both of them stayed out a lot and didn’t come home.”

Even though there is so much tension between Tinsley and Sonja this season thanks to their living situation, Sonja said “neither” guest ever overstayed their welcome. When she was asked who was the “least grateful,” Sonja responded, “That’s a tough one. Tinsley kept saying she was grateful. You have to see the newest episodes coming up. I think they were both very grateful.”

A viewer asked Sonja about Luann getting offended when she didn’t get the best room during the Vermont trip just because she recently got married. Sonja said what many people have been thinking “Well that just goes along with what I’ve been saying all along this holier than thou ‘I’m married and now you’re just a bunch of sluts.'” She added, “Remember Luann was the nymphomaniac? But now I have to shut up. I promised to be good.” Oh, Sonja. How is that “being good”?  I’m sure she had some texts from Luann after the episode aired.

A viewer asked Sonja if she apologized to Dorinda [Medley] for wearing her husband’s silk pajamas? Sonja shared, “Yes. We talked about it and I said I was so sorry that I hurt her feelings. They were in the guest closet in my room so I thought that meant that I could wear them. They were with the hotel slippers and the hotel robe and all these things so I thought, ‘Okay. I’ll just wear them.’ I had no idea they were from the dead husband. Everything is from the dead husband.”

Then we got to see a preview of next episode’s Mexico trip and all I have to say is “Thank God.” This is finally the Real Housewives of New York action that I’ve been dying to see. This season has been pretty lackluster, but it looks like the Mexico trip will deliver exactly what the fandom needs. Andy remarked, “I’ve never seen Luann so drunk.” Cannot. Wait. For. That. Is it Wednesday yet?

Then the conversation shifted back to Steve who was asked if he’s ever hooked up with a client. Steve said, “No. I hooked up with one person before they were a client, but not once they were a client. That’s just bad business.” He was also asked by a viewer if he would rather date Tinsley or Bethenny Frankel and he had no idea what to say. He even asked, “Date?” out loud as if it was such an outrageous question. Andy amended the question and asked, “Who would you rather sleep with?” Steve admitted, “Sleep is probably better because I don’t know either, but probably Tinsley of the two.”

And of course, it wouldn’t be an episode of Watch What Happens Live if Sonja didn’t give an update on her love life and/or share a surprising conquest from her past. First off, the love triangle with Frenchie and Rocco is still very much a thing. Do these guys not watch the show? Or maybe they just don’t care?

Either way, I wish the Real Housewives of New York cameras were still filming Sonja for the show. Better yet, she needs a spin off series just dedicated to her love life. Sonja revealed, “I get over to Paris to reopen the family museum, Frenchie’s chef is in the hospital so he had to stay there. He could not come. Rocco is coming to St. Tropez. We are going to the Leonardo DiCaprio foundation ball again together. He’s getting ahead of Frenchie. Then Frenchie texted me today saying he’s going to see me in St. Tropez also at the end of the month and he’s coming to New York also at the end of September because the renovation is done. He sent photos of the first room renovated and it’s ‘Sonja,’ the ‘Sonja Suite.'”

Where to begin with that one? This would have been a way better story line than pretty much everything that has been showed so far.

And as a random side note, Sonja confirmed that she “dated” Owen Wilson of all people. She said, “That was nice. He’s really smart. He’s a writer actually, foremost, and I like that. I like an artist like that.” Sonja never fails to entertain.

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Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo