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Tom Sandoval Thinks Faith Stowers’ Claim That She Accidentally Recorded Jax Sandoval Is “Complete Bull Sh*t”

I feel like everyone needs a friend like Tom Sandoval. He will give you makeover if you need one and cry tears of joy on your behalf and use a puppy as a handkerchief. Sure, he’s a little outrageous with the hair-braider and the costume guy on hand, but there’s nothing wrong with being extra. It’s better to be extra than not enough.

And at least Tom is extra and not desperate. There is a major difference. Faith Stowers, now that’s another story. She used to hook up with Lisa Vanderpump’s son Max Todd. She got with Jax Taylor (while he was dating Brittany Cartwright) and recorded a conversation between the two of them. Faith even claimed to have feelings for Lala Kent. In short, this woman was doing whatever- and (allegedly) whomever-  she could to join this cast and she still couldn’t move past the back row in the Vanderpump Rules opening credits.

In an interview for the Reality Life With Kate Casey podcast, Tom said, “Faith, I started to notice that she was trying really hard to… I started to get a very inauthentic vibe from her. I remember one time the girls were just messing around. They all kissed each other or whatever and she’s like ‘I think I’m catching feelings’ and all this stuff. I started to catch this desperate sort of really trying….even this thing with Jax, she never really even talked to Jax that much previously. Now she’s trying to say she had feelings. She hooked up with Max which was like not her type. It just seemed really weird to me.” Weird, or just thirsty?

Recently Faith claimed that she accidentally recorded her conversation with Jax since she had the recorder on her phone while she was recording music. That sounds like a bold faced lie. Tom said, “Her story about recording Jax, I mean that’s complete bullshit. The audio file was sent to James, so when you send that audio file it says ‘sent from the iPhone’ and it hadn’t been edited. It had been and ‘I’m hitting record right then and there. You hear her hit ‘record’ and then she basically just starts interviewing Jax.”

Faith may have been an accepted (fringe) member of the circle at first, but Lala had a harder time gaining acceptance from the group. Tom shared, “As time went on, I started to get to know Lala more. She sort of dropped the sort of tough girl act a little bit and I started to like Lala a lot more. We got closer.”

One person who has been totally ostracized from the group- or at least the show- is Scheana Marie’s ex-husband Mike Shay. Tom admitted, “I talk to him still. He’s deep in the Valley a lot because he has a studio out there. He’s gone a lot, but if he’s in West Hollywood, he always hits me up or I’ll go meet up with him and we’ll kick it.”

Speaking of music, Kate Casey asked Tom, “Did you like that ‘Good as Gold’ song?” Tom told her, “I absolutely f**king hated it. I told [Scheana] to her face.” I’ll give Scheana this one, that actually is a very catchy song. Then again, she was listening to it by herself during the last episode, so maybe she doesn’t need a confidence boost from me.

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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]