Stassi Schroeder Discusses Who’s Winning & Losing During This Season Of Vanderpump Rules

Every single cast member is really going through it during the current season of Vanderpump Rules. From making out with (and doing even more than that) with people outside of their relationships to arguing about pasta, almost every cast member has done something to instigate some backlash (and meme formation) from the fandom.

That’s why it’s tough to say who is “winning” this season. In a way, this could just go to the person who’s had the least amount of screen time because it would be someone with less opportunity for internationally televised embarrassment. Then again, not getting screen time, wouldn’t qualify as a “win” to most reality stars.

During an interview for the Be Here For A While podcast, Stassi Schroeder did her best to break down who’s having the best and worse time this season.

So who does she think got the best edit at this point? Stassi admitted that this was a tough decision to make. Instead she said, “Can I say who’s losing first? I need to narrow it down.” Fair enough. It has really been a rough season for a lot of these people – minus the cast member salaries, increase in Instagram followers, sponsored social media posts, and other benefits of reality TV stardom.

Stassi stated the obvious: “Scheana [Marie] is definitely losing. This is her season where she’s losing.”

Ironically enough this statement holds true in regard to a season with Scheana bragging about how she’s winning at life episode after episode. Scheana may have felt like a winner during filming, but the backlash and memes about Scheana bragging about her relationship have to be pretty overwhelming for her.

Stassi continued, “I think, obviously Jax [Taylor] and Brittany [Cartwright] are losing because shit hasn’t been the best for them.”

Jax cheating on Brittany has been the biggest story line of the season so far. It has been addressed in almost every episode and I would have to assume that it will also be front and center during the reunion episodes as well.

Stassi added, “I think James [Kennedy] is kind of losing a little.”

Eh, yes and no. James had a falling out with Logan Noh after Logan told Brittany’s sister that he and James had been “f-cking.” He argued with Lala Kent about pasta, which did fracture (and ultimately end) their friendship, but it did bless us all with an iconic scene and give him a plethora of options for Instagram captions. So it seems like James is coping with all of his scandal fairly well and making the best of things.

So who is actually faring alright this year? Stassi shared, “I think Katie [Maloney] and Tom [Schwartz] are winning.”

Aside from Tom making out with one of Lala’s friends and drunkenly forgetting about it, things have been going pretty well for Mr. and Mrs. Schwartz this season. It is far better than the constant arguments and rage texting from the seasons before. Married life suits them, especially in comparison to all of their costars’ drama.

Kristen Doute hasn’t had much screen time this season (which seriously annoys me), so it makes sense that Stassi would conclude, “Kristen’s winning’ish. I guess.” She also pointed out, “This is a season where I feel like the Witches of We-Ho situation, we don’t look that bad.”

That’s very true. Overall, this season is a good look for Stassi, Kristen, and Katie – or at least a better one than they’ve had in the past.

Then she got to herself. Stassi confessed, “I mean, there have been things where I obviously don’t look great.” She cited her birthday as evidence. She also mentioned, “People saying I’m ignorant and stuff like that wasn’t the most fun. Stuff with Jeremy Madix, Ariana’s [Madix] brother, hasn’t been as fun. I feel like I’m winning a little bit though.”

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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]