Lisa Vanderpump

Apparently, Lisa Vanderpump never stops. I am beginning to question whether she is human or a really sophisticated AI cyborg created to make other people feel lazy. The multi-tasking restaurateur has been juggling a tough season on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and opening new LA hotspots on Vanderpump Rules. Now she might be taking her canine rescue organization to the next level with a show about Vanderpump Dogs. All of her success has not come without struggles though. Lisa lost her brother to a drug overdose. Most of her friendships with the RHOBH ladies suffered in the wake of a dog adoption that took a radical left turn.

In spite of personal setbacks, Lisa isn’t finished yet. With the opening of Vanderpump Cocktail Garden in Las Vegas, her reach is only growing wider. Surely her castmates showed up to back this exciting new venture… Right? In the spirit of friendship and forgive and forget? It isn’t like they are jealous of Lisa’s continued achievements, spin-off shows, and successful rosé and sangria lines. So who showed up for Lisa’s fabulous Vegas party? The people she invited, that’s who.

Lisa is livin’ Las Vegas loca, celebrating the newest “place to be” in Sin City. The Vanderpump Cocktail Garden soiree at Caesars Palace was a dream come true for LVP. The party had everything from neon, to confetti, to Kristen Doute. What the party didn’t have were many co-stars from RHOBH.

In an interview with Page Six, Lisa explains, “Well, I did have an invitation to them because I had it on email and it was all written out for all of them, you know. And they’re not here,” Vanderpump, 58, told us. “I think it was probably because I forgot to press the send button.” Lisa, how dare you! Do you mean after being maligned and blamed for something we have yet to see proven, you couldn’t find it in your heart to send those bitter bitches your fellow Housewives invites? Sarcasm, it’s a thing!

Lisa did extend an invitation to friend Camille Grammer, who was only too happy to attend. “We’re actually filming ‘Housewives’ here tonight, funny enough,” Vanderpump said. “[Cameramen are] here tonight. That’s why Camille and I — we’ve been friends for years, she came to join me.”

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Camille has also gone through several ups and downs that we will see play out on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Sadly she lost her home in the Woolsey fire that affected California and she is grieving the death of her assistant as well. Camille shared how Lisa has been there for her, “She’s been awesome with me this year,” Grammer told us at the event. “We both have lost in our life. I lost my assistant who was with me for over 22 years and it’s like family to me. She, unfortunately, lost her brother. So she helped me, coach me through the grieving process.”

Camille further clarified how Lisa’s encouragement kept her going. Camille shared, “So we were on the phone discussing grieving and then I get a call and a text, ‘Camille. Your house,’” she continued. “We were in San Diego. We were evacuated the day before. And it was devastating to lose my assistant, then my house and Lisa, she was very supportive and she had a lot of good things to say to help me through that time.”

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We aren’t getting a lot of support for Lisa via the Housewives this season, so it is nice to see someone maintaining a true friendship. It is perfectly understandable Lisa did not want the negative energy of the other ladies clouding the opening. Although if I’m being honest, I would have liked to see Kyle Richards sneak into the event only to unleash another soon-to-be-classic #GOODBYEKYLE moment, courtesy of Ken Todd.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]