Vanderpump Rules - Jax Taylor

Tonight Vanderpump Rules inches ever farther away from the ridiculous show about drunken bartenders that we fell in love with as we celebrate Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright‘s engagement.

Luckily Jax is still just as big of an a-hole as ever! With Brittany’s enormous Kentucky family in town to celebrate mashed potatoes their engagement party, Jax constantly feels on the defense and accidentally insults Brittany’s father and brothers. Even though Jax is convinced he’s changed, he’s still deep in the throes of Number One Guy Complex and his delusions all come crashing through the surface when he’s confronted by Brittany’s father and brothers, who still don’t trust him after he cheated last year. 

As this exchange is taking place, Brittany is blissfully wedding dress shopping. Yay?

Meanwhile Scheana Marie is tired of being in purgatory with Adam Spott and decides to make him jealous by going on a hot date with a male model. Instead Adam is relieved to be able to go out with the cameras without Scheana controlling the situation. While out to drinks Ariana Madix reveals that she’s frustrated by Lisa Vanderpump insulting Tom 1‘s work ethic in an interview. Ariana decides that no matter what Tom says, she’s going to confront Lisa! Maybe Lisa got Tom 1 confused with Tom 2?

Lala Kent tries to have an honest conversation with James Kennedy because suddenly she is worried about his emotional state and wants to reconnect, except James isn’t falling for her phony display of friendship. Lala decides it’s just a further indicator of James’ depression. Um, since when did Lala become a counselor?

Lala Kent Reveals That She “Would Be Shocked” If James Kennedy Became Successful

Lastly James goes to see Lisa asking for one more chance to prove himself at SUR… and it appears that once again he leaves disappointed!

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