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Denise Richards Slams Camille Grammer; Says Bringing Up Dorit Kemsley’s Finances Was “Inappropriate”

Ah, Denise Richards. The newest cast member of Real Housewives of Beverly Pills Hills. One of the last to remain on good terms with recently ousted Lisa Vanderpump. Denise was a super chill, bonafide “beach girl”, living by the sea in her Malibu home. She got along with veterans Kyle Richards and Lisa Rinna. She was not intimidated by Erika Jayne, nor was she phased by Dorit Kemsley and her extensive collection of wigs and accents.

Denise was fun and games, sharing anecdotes about her newlywed life with Aaron Phypers. He now walks the streets of Beverly Hills in a cocoon of shame, after the intimate details she confessed on a group trip. Denise is also responsible for bringing Brandi Glanville back into our lives. Thanks so much for that! Strike one! Nearing the end of the season, viewers were treated to a glimpse of Denise’s argumentative side. She confronted Kim Richards at a party whilst defending Rinna about the infamous blue bunny. Strike two? Now we are seeing the ire rise up in Denise again. She has thoughts on what is and is not appropriate to discuss in someone’s personal life. Will this be strike 3 for Denise, or does she have a point?

According to Denise, you can sign up for reality television, but you don’t have to share everything. Viewers have one thing to say, NOPE!

After maintaining a stable presence during RHOBH’s last season, Denise was not involved in any personal drama, but she managed to keep her spot on the show. She pretty much got along with everyone, until her incident with Camille Grammer in the finale episode. Yep, Denise has thoughts on Camille bringing up Dorit’s finances. Because I guess national news isn’t a thing. From an episode of the Juicy Scoop With Heather McDonald podcast, Us Weekly reported Denise feels “not everything is fair game”.

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Not everything is fair game, huh? So, penis size is fair game. Discussing what an old massage lady did to your husband is fair game. Admitting your ex brought a hooker to dinner is fair game. Bullying someone is fair game. But finances are out? Gurl, please.

Denise questioned Camille’s motives, “I didn’t understand why she was coming for Dorit. What do her finances have to do with them mentioning her wedding?” While discussing LVP’s absence from Camille’s Hawaii wedding, the conversation flipped. Dorit and PK Kemsley’s money woes were served on a platter after Camille 007 questioned their bank accounts. “It was out of left-field. That’s why I didn’t understand. Like, where is this coming from?” Denise wondered.

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After calling the conversation “inappropriate”, Denise said, “It shouldn’t have been discussed at a table with all of us.” WRONG! “And it had nothing to do with what they were all talking about.” Are we all thinking the same thing at this point? Hi ladies, you signed up for this. No one forced you to whore yourselves out have your lives filmed while a willing audience laps it up.

If someone’s desire for money is so desperate they, oh I don’t know, take out loans to fund lavish lifestyles… Or gamble to the point of lawsuits… I don’t know, engage in real estate fraud… Honey, the fans watching are going to find out about it either way. And if it weren’t for Camille opening her mouth, the season might have crumbled.

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Most people were supportive of Camille carrying some weight on this show. Word on the street is she wants her diamond back full time. Camille 007 probably has a lot of down low Hollywood gossip under her belt. Denise might want to stay under Cammy’s radar going forward. She could have some old school dirt on Denise in her truth cannon. We all know Camille isn’t afraid to draw first blood.

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