James denies cheating

How about some positive news? It might not be world peace, but it’s a start. It seems like drama is unfolding for the upcoming season of Vanderpump Rules. This time around James Kennedy might be taking a break from the fighting. Hopefully, the fighting will also take a break from him. James is still going strong with his long term lady friend, Raquel Leviss. She is now employed at SUR and hopefully avoiding Katie Maloney internal conflict. The couple still live together and James recently celebrated his newfound sobriety!

As you might have guessed, James is still vibing with his music. Currently, no one seems to be stalking James or insulting Raquel. But maybe Kristen Doute has been busy lately. I’m kidding! We also know amends were made with his nemesis, Jax Taylor, though James and Raquel were absent from Jax’s recent nuptials. Earlier this summer James shared that even he and Lala Kent were back on speaking terms. Did Hell freeze over when I wasn’t looking or has James finally turned a corner? It’s starting to look like our White Kanye might not get the bad edit this year!

James has joined Lala on the journey to sobriety. Gee, could quitting alcohol actually lead to cohesive and mature relationships? GO FIGURE.

In an interview with Us Weekly, James shared things are on the up and up. It’s about bloody time! According to James, his relationship with Raquel is “really good”. But you won’t see these two jumping on the marriage train like the rest of the cast. He explained, “We’re not rushed. You know, everyone else is a lot older than us on the show. Way, way, way older.” Did James need a shovel for that dig? Some sunglasses for that shade? I guess he deserves to get at least one in after the way he was treated last year.

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Raquel co-signed her man’s sentiment with “We’re just enjoying life, we’re enjoying each other’s company.” Aw, that’s nice. To see two people taking it slow and not rushing into hasty decisions. And what a refreshing break that the couple agrees on their course. It’s nice when one person isn’t coerced into marriage due to an ultimatum.

But what about all this feuding we are hearing about? Stassi Schroeder and Kristen are on the outs and according to Stassi, the stress has been overwhelming. Not for Raquel! “I’m not really involved in Kristen’s life or Stassi’s life, so I don’t really know, but I think it’s for the best.” Seems like Raquel might have had her fill of being screamed at. She explained, “I’d rather just focus on me and James and you know, surround ourselves with people that we really like to hang out with.”

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Sounds like a good idea to me! So, will we see a new James next season? Or will everyone else’s fighting simply make him seem like the normal one? Hopefully he will continue his sobriety, making music, and living a happy life. It remains to be seen if James will ever get his job back at SUR. But he might be too smart to take it back at this point.


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