Real Housewives Of Dallas Trip To Mexico Continues Tonight!

It’s day 2 of the Real Housewives Of Dallas trip to Careyes Mexico, and oh boy did things get off to a rocky start last week courtesy of LeeAnne Lockens mood.

After an explosive first dinner where LeeAnne made sarcastic comments about suicide to shock Kary Brittingham, the women try to put on happy faces for a fun day at the Mexican polo matches. But even a talking horse, gymnastics and a ton of tequila can’t truly erase the gloomy mood – especially for Stephanie Hollman, who is really struggling to deal with LeeAnne’s comments in relate to her own battle with depression. 

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Stephanie turns to Brandi Redmond for support, but LeeAnne Kameron Westcott becomes annoyed that they’re being exclusionary. Which is ridiculous – they are longtime best friends and I’m tired of Real Housewives shows attempting to fracture authentic friendships. Stay strong, ladies!

D’Andra Simmons tries so hard to find the fun that she gets wasted as a result and all kinds of shenanigans occur. Unfortunately the good bad times officially come to an end when Brandi and Kameron get into an enormous argument over LeeAnne’s behavior over dinner. Kameron gets so angry she throws a napkin in Brandi’s face before calling her trash! Brandi, of course, rises to the occasion and throws some fighting words right back at Kameron.

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See – this is why I don’t cotton to LeeAnne. She causes trouble, brings everything down, and spins herself as a victim when she’s the aggressor, and she makes everyone else feel on edge with their need to not upset her. I don’t enjoy these dark, seething Housewives. I want some fun in the Mexican sun laughing about Kameron’s bad Spanish accent and D’Andra’s Spanx waving in the air like official the American Flag of Spring Break.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]