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Tamra Judge Shades Son Spencer Barney On Instagram For Getting A Tattoo

Tamra Judge has not survived 12 seasons of the Real Housewives of Orange County by being the nice girl. Housewife fans know that being agreeable often results in contracts not being renewed. As we have seen over the years, being “nice” is not always second nature to conflict veteran Tamra. We have watched her be shady with Gretchen Rossi, mock Alexis Bellino and throw wine in Jeana Keough’s face. And allegedly running her mouth got Tamra slapped with a million dollar lawsuit courtesy of Jim Bellino.

More recently, Tamra gaslighted Shannon Beador by playing up to her hypochondria following a bizarre mallet gonging by Kelly Dodd. So, where does Tamra’s pot-stirring nature end? For some Housewives, distasteful behavior stops when the cameras are turned off. For Tamra, the lines are a little more blurred.

In a recent Instagram post, Tamra shared a photo of son Spencer Barney’s arm and what appear to be some new tattoos. Tamra stated in the caption, “Well it looks like Spencer and Ryan DO have something in common now.” She followed this up with a shocked face emoji.

There has been some animosity between Spencer and Ryan Vieth this season, as the two brothers are on opposite sides of the political spectrum. Which thirsty mama bear Tamra has played up for a storyline, of course.

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Is Tamra trying to say in her post that the brothers have things in common after all? Is she shading both of her sons for having tattoos? Is Tamra pandering for attention? Who knows?

Another possibility might be that Tamra is actually dissing Spencer’s specific tattoos. One is of a quiver and arrows, another of a cow skull. There also appears to be another tattoo on the other side of Spencer’s arm that is marginally visible. Does Tamra think that Spencer should have classier, more artful tattoos befitting her new Coto de Caza matron status? Maybe a tattoo of Tamra Dearest herself?

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With Tamra, it is difficult to tell what her motivations for such a post might be. Remember, this is the woman who played up her estrangement from her daughter Sidney Barney on camera, despite Sidney begging her not to.

Tamra has also brought up her younger daughter Sophia’s not being allowed to film on RHOC on social media. She seemed to publicly blame her ex Simon Barney for her daughter’s inability to partake in the culturally enriching experience of the show.

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This is not Tamra’s first trip down Shady Mother Lane with her sons. In an earlier, now deleted Instagram post, Tamra shared a photo of Spencer, stating he was “the kindest son (most of the time) that a mother could ask for.” Which is a little shady towards Ryan and a bit passive-aggressive towards Spencer. Ah, motherhood!

For now, I am sure that Tamra’s children will continue to be on the receiving end of some of her endless attention seeking. Maybe she should keep in the back of her mind that each one of her offspring could someday spill all of her secrets via social media or the tabloids. Just a friendly word of advice, Tamra!

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