LeeAnne Locken Marries Rich Emberlin On Tonight’s Real Housewives Of Dallas

After 300,43,000 pre-wedding events on Real Housewives Of Dallas the day LeeAnne Locken marries Rich Emberlin has finally arrived. And now the Dallas social scene can breath easy without fear that LeeAnne will be chasing them down, coming to collect on favors she did in 1987 to extort free wedding goods and services.

Needless to say, this wedding did not get here fast enough. Despite her issues with LeeAnne, Kary Brittingham decides to put things behind them and attend the big day. Which is more than can be said for LeeAnne’s own family members who don’t seem to be making an appearance.

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Even if they do arrive, LeeAnne fears her mother will make the day all about herself and cause a scene. Maybe it’s karma for the 5 years LeeAnne has spent trashing her on televisions… Well, at least LeeAnne’s extorted wedding gown looks beautiful!

Brandi Redmond continues to struggle with her daughter Brooklyn. Just when she believes thinks can’t get any more chaotic, Brandi and Bryan receive shocking news about Bruin’s birth mother having another baby up for adoption. This girl really needs to get some information on a little thing called birth control!

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D’Andra Simmons and Jeremy Lock double-team Mama Dee about the state of their failing company. Over a tense dinner, they hope to force some remorse out a woman made literally of plastic parts.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]