Lala Kent Defends Her “Fighting Style” On Vanderpump Rules; Says She Doesn’t Care What People Think Of Her

It wouldn’t be Vanderpump Rules if Lala Kent didn’t have beef with at least one cast member on the show. Last season she had major issues with Billie Lee. She “popped off” at Billie during Scheana Marie’s housewarming party, and had a major meltdown during brunch service at SUR. Lala also dissolved her friendship with James Kennedy and chose to be friends with her former bullies, Stassi Schroeder and Katie Maloney instead. 

This season Lala might be on the right track with James, but she is definitely on the wrong track with his girlfriend, Raquel Leviss. All the rage and vitriol Lala spat at Billie last year is going right to Raquel this year. And for what reason? Because Raquel stood by James’ side? Lala’s behavior hasn’t won her any points with fans. The heat must have gotten to her because she apologized for being an “asshole” to Raquel. Still, she isn’t taking full accountability, and recently she shared why.

Lala posted an Instagram story, that included a photo of her coloring for some reason, and explained her behavior is just who she is. Sorry, Lala, no one gets a free pass to be a dick. Well, except maybe Jax Taylor. That man can lie, cheat, steal, and somehow still be the “number one guy” in the group.

Lala wrote, “I have never and will never be someone who cares what people think of me when it comes to what they see on Vanderpump Rules….We pop off, we act out, it is what it is.” First of all, she absolutely cares about what people think of her. She’s giving Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Dorit Kemsley a run for her money on who can wear the most obnoxious designer outfits on TV.


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She continued, ”My fighting style has been this way for quite some time. I’ll own when I’m wrong or when I’ve gone too far, but to live in shame, that’s not happening. Life is too short.” Saying you’re wrong has no weight to it if you don’t understand why it’s wrong, or show any remorse. She basically admitted she’s a sociopath. 

Lala added, “I love being on Vanderpump Rules, I love the process of filming, I love how everyone’s outlook is different, I love when people go toes, and I love when people make-up even more.” If she really did care about different outlooks, she wouldn’t be so quick to shut people down and tell them to “know their place,” like she did to Raquel. 


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She concluded, “At the end of the day this is reality TV and I want to thank y’all so much for watching. I love you, even if you don’t love me.” Raquel, gracious as ever, commented, “It takes an extremely strong woman to admit when she is wrong and an even stronger person to try and make amends with those she has. I’m no Gandhi but I definitely see your strength and it’s inspiring.”

Lala has a long road ahead of her if she wants to win back her fans, or any sort of friendship with Raquel. Everyone loves a good comeback, only time will tell if she is able to turn her image around.


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