Scheana Marie Explains Why She Still “Works” At SUR & Why She Enjoys New Cast Members Added To Vanderpump Rules

This season of Vanderpump Rules is just so strange. There are too many cast members to keep track of and two distinct groups. The one person who bridges the gap between the new cast members and the long-time cast members is Scheana Marie. For some reason, she’s still “working” at SUR, even though she’s an original cast member with some successful side hustles.

However, she arguably gets the most screen time out of all of the cast members, so, apparently she’s doing something right… even if that something is just wearing a SUR uniform while she says embarrassing things.

Scheana explained why she’s still waiting tables and shared her thoughts on the new SURvers during a recent appearance on the Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef podcast. Scheana shared, “I take my job [as a cast member] seriously and if that means waiting tables because that’s my job, then that’s what I’m going to do.”

She seems to have an understanding of how this game works, explaining, “I just know that the show started at SUR. It’s gonna end at SUR.  It has other components to it, but I really do value my job and I take it seriously. And I know it’s important to stay there. That’s why I’m still there. I will be there until I get fired or the show gets canceled and I hope none of those things happen.” And, it’s working, because, again, she’s getting a lot of screentime. Then, again, it’s not the most flattering footage.


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Scheana added, “I do want a promotion next season. If there’s a season 9 and I’m still at SUR, make me a damn manager, you know?”

The Pump Rules OG commented, “As frustrating that it is that you only see me at SUR and not really in my life outside of there, I have so much fun with the new cast. I love when we have new people on our show. A lot of the originals don’t. I just think it adds just a new flare.”


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Then, Scheana gave her thoughts on all of the new additions. She said, “Danica [Dow]’s a spicy, little… she’s a ball of fun or a total bitch, but I mean, it’s great. Charli [Burnett], I’m obsessed with. Her and I clicked right away. I have so much in common with her and I just adore her.”

Then, she pulled an expected Scheana move, referring to some guy who hasn’t treated her well (from what we’ve seen on TV) as one of her best friends. Scheana remarked, “Max [Boyens] is one of my closest friends. Brett [Caprioni] can kind of be douchey at times, but I also have a good friendship with him.” How? Brett shaded Scheana every chance he could so he could secure some screen time.


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Then, she shared something that viewers weren’t really expected. Scheana revealed, “Dayna [Kathan] and I, unfortunately, you haven’t got to see… we had built quite the solid friendship. She has been to my house in Palm Springs. We did a big Fourth of July party here together. I have so much fun with all of them. I enjoyed being able to be a part of both friend groups this summer.”


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