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Gizelle Bryant Looks Forward To Eboni K. Williams Telling Ramona Singer “Where To Go And How Fast” On Real Housewives Of New York

Raise your hand if you’re watching Bravo’s Chat Room, I’ll wait. The new nightly talk show is hosted by various Bravolebrities. Porsha Williams is representing Real Housewives of Atlanta, much to NeNe Leakes’ dismay. Hannah Berner from Summer House holds a spot. Gizelle Bryant from Real Housewives of Potomac and Below Deck alum Kate Chastain round out the rest of the cast. They dish about subjects related to pop culture and of course Bravo Bravo fucking Bravo. As you may know, Real Housewives of New York is getting a new cast member. Eboni K. Williams is preparing for her first season and she’s the first black cast member of RHONY.

Eboni will be a huge asset in several ways. She is a lawyer, honey. So out of the gate you know she can talk. Gizelle is particularly pleased to see Eboni come on board. See, Giz has beef with Ramona Singer. Ramona shooed Giz out of a photo in July 2019 and the incident has been burned in Gizelle’s brain ever since. Not much can get under Ramona’s very renewed skin, but Gizelle is hoping Eboni manages to provide a challenge for the veteran and just maybe send the Ramonacoaster off the rails.

As the ladies of Bravo’s Chat Room shared their mutual enthusiasm for RHONY’s newest addition, Gizelle might be a tad more invested. Ramona has a lot of friends, approximately 60 if you must know. One person not included on that esteemed list is Gizelle.

When the two met at an event, Ramona was less than pleased about being photographed with Giz. By Ramona’s standards, the slight was nothing new, but Gizelle bashed Ramona in every available media outlet until they had a confrontation in November of 2019. Ramona apologized but Gizelle didn’t accept it. Newsflash, Ramona didn’t care. You couldn’t pay Ramona to care. Now Gizelle sees Eboni’s arrival as a bone of contention for Ramona, and she can’t wait to see them go toe to toe.


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Page Six shared the clip. Porsha began, “I know you guys have been Googling and down her Instagram. What do you think about Ms. Eboni?” Kate is excited, “I’m already following her and I love that she’s a Loyola University attorney, which means she’s gonna be good at argumenting,” she said. Someone check Webster’s to determine if “argumenting” is a word… Kate also said, “Ramona, watch out!”

Gizelle chimed in with, “I have — I know all about her. I see her on Revolt. She seems to be so smart, so pretty. I cannot wait for her to tell Ramona where to go and how fast!” Clearly Gizelle is hoping Eboni will metaphorically be Monique Samuels’ hand to Candiace Dillard’s weave.


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Hannah Berner commented, “She looks very sweet and adorable. But then I was watching her talk and she was strong with an attitude and she was not going to get like walked all over. I don’t think. So I’m excited. And it shows that the Black Lives Matter movement has caused some change because it wouldn’t have been considered before.”

RHONY has been on since 2008. That’s twelve solid years before hiring their first black Housewife. Black Lives Matter has put diversity in the spotlight and invoked many changes, but there is little rational excuse as to why we haven’t seen a black woman on the show prior to Eboni. And though Gizelle has strong feelings regarding black women being portrayed as “angry”, she clearly wants Eboni to put Ramona in her place. Fortunately, most people are usually mad at Ramona anyway, because… Ramona.


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Eboni has stated she is excited to join the franchise and share her life. She “doesn’t hold back” and is determined to keep it real. Eboni has represented clients in homicide, rape, drug, sex crime, and federal offense cases, so Ramona will likely not phase her. Maybe Eboni will become Ramona’s 61st friend. Or maybe she will be the one who causes the Ramonacoaster to take the swerve Gizelle is hoping for.


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