Vicki Gunvalson Says Emily Simpson Is “One Of The Worst Casting Decisions Bravo Has Ever Made”

Golly, those are some strong words coming from someone who lied about cancer, huh? Vicki Gunvalson might have some residual feelings about being fired from Real Housewives of Orange County. She and her co-dependent partner in crime, Tamra Judge are gone, but not forgotten.

Vicki is supposed to be enjoying a quieter life. Less stress, perhaps planning a wedding. But Vicki does not go away without a fight, and she is in the fight of her life. After coming for the still-employed Shannon STORMS Beador and lamenting the demise of Tres Amigas (again), she turned her attack on Kelly Dodd. Emily Simpson made the error of having a brief thought about Vicki, which triggered her Google Alerts. Now Vicki turns her attack on Emily. I guess Gina Kirschenheiter hasn’t made her mad yet.

Vicki is the epitome of phantom limb pain. She’s no longer there, but just as annoying. Vicki has had a lot to say about the first full season of RHOC where she is completely absent. Some see this as a blessing, but Vicki clearly is still trying for some casseroles since her orange went bye-bye.

Recently viewers saw Emily alleging Tamraneeded a hobby” rather than being involved in what was going on with the women on the show. Many folks would probably agree with this, as Tamra has also displayed a severe case of IWONTBEIGNOREDITIS. Doctors are currently searching for a cure and a vaccination is being developed. Hopefully NeNe Leakes and Vicki will be available for the first roll out of the injection. Before we get a cure for this disease, Vicki responded to Emily’s claim.


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According to CelebMagazine, Vicki has some thoughts. “Emily is also an outright liar- not to mention one of the worst casting decisions Bravo has ever made- by claiming we told Shannon what to think and she went along with it.” Oh Vicki, bless your damn heart. RING, RING!! Hey, City of Hope cancer treatment center is on hold and would like a moment to discuss outright lying…

Vicki also took this opportunity to continue her assault of Shannon’s character. “If Shannon has any integrity left whatsoever, she will stand up and say the truth is that I did NOT tell her what to say, what to do, or how to feel. If that was true, it doesn’t say much about Shannon as a person, does it?” Who is lacking integrity here? I’m sorry, Season 10 lives rent free in everyone’s mind and Vicki does not get to call out anyone’s “integrity”. Ever.


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Vicki continued, “Emily – like her compadre Kelly – really needs to grow up. She’s acting like an immature child so happy that the ‘tres amigas’ are gone.” At least Emily hasn’t gone full immature child by peeing on someone’s bed, amirite? My question is, who really needs to grow up? Emily or a woman over the age of 50 who refers to herself in a gang of aging, alcoholic troublemakers?

Surely Vicki can’t get more hypocritical. Spoiler alert, she does. “If it wasn’t for me, Emily wouldn’t have a platform to sob about her life and marriage on, so she really should simply keep quiet, especially on matters she has no stake in… but then again, if she’s not talking about Tamra and I, she’d have no storyline. So there’s that.” Gosh, I’m glad we never had to deal with Vicki sobbing about a relationship. And I know fans miss the running commentary about Vicki’s love tank. Such great content.


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What was Vicki’s storyline her last two seasons? Oh that’s right, forcing Steve Lodge into an engagement that didn’t save her job. Much like NeNe, Vicki is the OG that won’t GO. These are women who are probably seriously triggered by the sight of fruit. Perhaps both Tamra and Vicki should take Emily’s advice and get a hobby.  “need a hobby”.


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