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NeNe Leakes Compares Real Housewives Of Atlanta Exit To Working Minimum Wage At McDonald’s To Support Her Family

Lest you forget NeNe Leakes was forcibly removed from her slot on Real Housewives of Atlanta, now she wants you to know how demeaning it was. NeNe has 99 problems and Bravo is one, but I think we’re all tired of hearing about it. One might think NeNe is being dramatic, but this is all she has left, so she is going to milk the cow until it is served on a plate at Outback Steakhouse.

NeNe’s strong personality has carried her through many seasons on RHOA and it’s that strong personality that carried her right out the door. To say NeNe is disappointed would be a gross understatement. To say NeNe has an inflated ego is not. After tales of racism and mistreatment, now NeNe is comparing her multi-million dollar contract to that of working at McDonald’s. Golly, I’m hoping no one tells her Kandi Burruss was nominated for a People’s Choice Award…

NeNe deserves to feel some type of way. But she has gone above and beyond the necessary protocol when one is released from employment. Bravo made NeNe famous and paid her a pretty penny to “be herself”. NeNe was given chances and shown grace. Bravo wanted her to be a team player, but she wasn’t having it. Now NeNe is giving her version of the Charles Dickens’ nightmare she was living in. Can’t Oliver Twist just get through the damn day?

NeNe compared herself to George Floyd. She accused Andy Cohen of being a racist. Tamron Hall interviewed NeNe and she cried because she couldn’t keep her mouth from insulting people. But NeNe is not done yet! In an interview with Extra, NeNe expounds on the cruelties of life. NeNe said, “I left because I was being pushed out.” This old chestnut? Um, she left because there’s a very good chance no one else would film with her. She left because it wasn’t the NeNe Leakes Show.


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As with NeNe’s other tone deaf comparisons, now she compares a $2.85 million salary to working at McDonald’s. Jan, Jan where are you? Jan is so over NeNe, she isn’t even here for me to say, “sure, Jan” anymore. NeNe said Bravo started phasing her out. “If you are working at McDonald’s, working 40 hours a week, they drop you down to 20 hours, they drop you down to 15, they drop you down to 10, it’s obvious that they want you to quit,” NeNe claimed. Can someone please show NeNe the last few seasons of RHOA? That should pretty much explain things to her.

NeNe added, “Something is very wrong with going from 18 or 23 episodes down to six… In the last four to five years, it has been less and less… Things just didn’t feel fair.” I hear NeNe loud and clear. I also have vivid recollections of her insulting nearly all of her co-workers on a regular basis, just being in NeNe’s vicinity seemed like a toxic environment. Learn your lesson or don’t, that isn’t the viewers’ problem.


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NeNe also said she isn’t doing all of this for attention. “There are real feelings involved here. I would never just come out just saying anything just because I want attention.” This is probably truthful, she isn’t doing it for attention. She’s doing it to remain relevant. The acting world doesn’t seem to be knocking down NeNe’s door, like she wants us to think.

But don’t forget, NeNe was ABSOLUTELY NOT TERMINATED! She said, “If I wanted to return to ‘Housewives,’ I could have. I had an offer… I am very hopeful that we can work our relationship out behind the scenes without everyone being involved.” Good luck with that one! NeNe might have had a better shot at a redeeming relationship with Bravo if she hadn’t called Andy a “queen” and accused them of misconduct. Whoops. It remains to be seen, where NeNe will wind up in the entertainment industry, but one thing is for sure – she probably won’t be seen on Bravo.


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