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Captain Lee Rosbach Returns To Below Deck For Season 8 With A Familiar Face And Some New Cast Members

Ah yes, the Stud of the Sea is once again floating on the waters of the Caribbean. Below Deck is back and Captain Lee Rosbach is bringing an old friend with him. I can’t be the only one happy to see Captain Lee at the helm of My Seanna. Especially after the messy and mildly traumatic season Captain Sandy Yawn brought us on Below Deck Mediterranean. Thank goodness the two captains lead with very different methods and we aren’t likely to see Lee saying someone is secretly gay on a Cameo.

There’s a new cast, but you might recognize one or two faces. Season 8 promises to bring crew dissention, wasted guests, and Captain Lee’s expertise as a wordsmith. How can you not reflect on some of his wiser quotes like, “We’ve gone through more deckhands than a condom salesman in a whorehouse.” Certainly didn’t get inspo like that from Sandy… Grab your life vests, the new Season 8 trailer has officially dropped.

I’ll say it, I have missed Captain Lee. I need him to soothe my soul after the dumpster fire we have been trying to put out during the current season of Below Deck Med. After the incredibly tragic loss of his son in 2019, Lee has returned to show us how it’s supposed to be done.

Entertainment Tonight shared the Season 8 trailer, and it looks pretty damn good. Captain Lee gives us the intro, “It’s been years since I’ve been in the Caribbean, and I missed the hell out of it,” I feel like it’s also been years since we had a decent captain. He continued, “White sandy beaches, crystal blue water? It’s like putting on your favorite pair of blue jeans. It’s like going home.”


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Aaaaaand guess who’s back, back again? You got it, Eddie Lucas has reappeared as Bosun! Last time we saw Eddie, he was in a cocoon of shame and disgust after having banged fellow crewmate Rocky Dakota. Yeah, Rocky was nuttier than a Reese’s Cup but Eddie did her dirty when he full on lied to everyone about their relationship. He also didn’t look too good gaslighting her and saying she is the one that provoked their unspeakable union. Let’s hope Eddie has had sufficient time to work on himself after that exercise in toxic masculinity.

Newcomer Francesca Rubi is in as Chief Stew, replacing Lee’s number one gal, Kate Chastain. But don’t cry for Kate, she has a new gig on Bravo. Francesca is pretty no nonsense and may or may not have a “thing” about tableware with water marks. She teases, “I do take my job a little bit too seriously sometimes.”


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Rachel Hargrove is a five-star Michelin chef and it seems like she has a personality. She has a quick temper, but that appears to be the norm for yacht chefs. Hopefully she will avoid having tantrums in the galley, a la Tom Checketts. Elizabeth Frankini and Isabelle “Izzy” Wouters will be taking orders from helping Francesca with the interior duties. Fellow newbies James Hough and California surfer guy, Shane Coopersmith will be rounding out the deck crew.

Be on the lookout for naked sushi, naked asses, and Captain Lee screaming at a charter guest in full dress uniform. Season 8 will also address the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. Will their charters be cut short? Will Captain Lee have to fire anyone? Will Eddie leave the laundry room for laundry this time? Stay tuned, Below Deck comes back November 2 at 9pm on Bravo.


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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]