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Brittany Cartwright Implies She And Jax Taylor Weren’t Allowed To Write Their Own Statements Announcing Vanderpump Rules Exits

For a show that isn’t filming, Vanderpump Rules has been in the news. There has been a loooooong production delay, thanks to that nasty Miss Covid. Cast changes were imminent after the firing of veterans Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute. Much speculation surrounds the fate of Pump Rules, but it has NOT been officially cancelled.

Last week, it was announced that two more core members of the crew were terminated. Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright have been released into the wild to fend for themselves. The couple revealed their departure via social media in clear, concise statements that were nearly identical. Fans began to question the validity of the announcements due to the lack of spelling errors similarities. Now we find out, maybe Brit and Jax didn’t write their own statements after all.

Vanderpump Rules has been off the air for 80 years now. Unfortunately, those are the breaks when a stupid pandemic forces the shut down of businesses and makes an absolute mess of the restaurant industry. To be honest, the program was suffering anyway. The original cast obviously hated the new people because they were young and employed, so the last season ended on a shaky note.

Fast forward to December. No filming and everyone has come to the conclusion VPR is done. In the interim, most of the female cast is impregnated, not because they love and adore family life, but because they had a pregnancy pact. Which seems like a super creepy publicity move and guaranteed storyline to keep people interested. Sadly, having a bun in the oven didn’t save Jax and Brittany.


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Recently, Jax and Brit shocked viewers by saying they are stepping away from VPR. After sharing basically the same statement, fans started calling them out. Brittany must be moody because she married a cheater and got knocked up with his kid because some other chicks told her to. She snapped at a fan who commented on her “I’m voluntarily leaving” post. What Brit wound up doing was implying they weren’t allowed to write their own words. Bless her heart, she initially copied Jax’s version verbatim and then had to make changes because she hadn’t been on the show as long as him.

Us Weekly has the details. A follower commented on Brittany’s post with, “You guys could have wrote [sic] something that differed by one word.” Brittany replied, “I’m tired of seeing this comment. Do you guys really truly think we got to write whatever we wanted?” I can’t be mad at Brittany, of course she’s irritated. She’s out of a job, thanks to her husband. Y’all think Hooters offers a maternity uniform?


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Anyone even vaguely familiar with Jax and Brittany would have side-eyed the post. It was gracious. It was humble. The statement even had correct punctuation. If Jax and Brit wrote their own exit announcements it might have been more like, “Bravo can rawt in Hayulllllll….” It is hardly unusual for a rep to release statements on their client’s behalf. This is also par for the course when someone is #firedbybravo. They get a little severance package, maybe a teapot, and Bravo gets to approve statements. Per Jax, “We are excited to take this time to focus on our growing family and share with you our new endeavors.” Who here thinks Jax knows what “endeavors” means?

So any remaining fans of Vanderpump Rules will have to continue playing the waiting game. And any remaining fans of Jax and Brittany will have to wait to see their favorite couple. But don’t worry, they’ll show up again soon. In Kentucky.


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