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Vanderpump Rules Alum Kristen Doute Suggests Bravo Is Sexist Because Jax Taylor Was Not Fired

Viewers currently do not know the fate of Vanderpump Rules. This show could be clinging to very little when it comes to life support. Not only did Kristen Doute and Stassi Schroeder find themselves fired, several of the veteran ladies are now coincidentally pregnant at the exact same time. They have gone full pregnancy pact in WeHo.

Along with Kristen and Stassi, new cast members Max Boyens and Brett Caprioni were also axed due to some extremely insensitive social media content. After the exodus, fans called on Jax Taylor to be fired as well. We all know Jax is never at a loss for being distasteful, but it has yet to earn him walking papers. Now Kristen, author, catchy-phrase t-shirt designer, and expert on workplace inequality thinks Bravo needs to be held accountable for practicing double standards.

Kristen has never really had it easy on Pump Rules. She always appeared to be part of the main clique and seemingly held her place in the coven. But after she banged Jax and Stassi karate-chopped the side of her head, Kristen never really regained the status she once held. To further complicate Kristen’s plight, she drank excessively and often reduced herself to some incredibly juvenile behavior. I’m pretty sure she had dinner out of a flower bed once, so there’s that.

When Kristen and Stassi took part in filing a false police report on Faith Stowers, they were both terminated from the show. It seemed par for the course, with Bravo cracking down on racial intolerance. A lot of folks also thought Jax should be let go, as he has made some questionable statements in the past.


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According to Us Weekly, Kristen was recently asked about the consequences she received versus other cast members. A fan questioned, “What’s with this double standard where Jax’s consistent and remorseless behavior is ignored and everyone holds grudges towards Kristen for doing less years ago?” Kristen had a one-word answer, “SEXISM”.

I’m not trying to rain on Kristen’s pity parade but exactly what did she offer to the show? Lessons in falling down between chairs? How not to act in a relationship? It might not be sexism, it might be because she had no storyline. That isn’t to say Jax shouldn’t have to answer to the ignorant things he has said in the past.


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Former SUR employee, Billie Lee accused Jax of refusing to film with her because she is transgender. Jax has also been on the hook for some nasty comments towards 90 Day Fiance star, Ashley Martson’s husband. Friend of Pump Rules, Lance Bass publicly cut ties with Jax due to his narrow-minded behavior.

So maybe Kristen does have a point. The question really is, will Vanderpump Rules come back at all? It might not be an issue of who goes next because a show based around a restaurant could become a casualty of racism and of COVID-19. Perhaps Bravo isn’t being sexist, maybe they already see the writing on the wall.


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