Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Star Erika Jayne’s Husband Tom Girardi Finally Pays $3 Million Debt

Well here’s some good news in the Land of Litigation, also known as Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It’s no secret most of the cast have been caught up in heavy financial issues. Kyle Richards’ husband Mauricio Umansky is currently under siege in a $32 million case over a Malibu mansion. Dorit and PK Kemsley were under the gun as well. They had several issues to contend with, including a lawsuit over Dorit’s swimwear line and an unpaid debt of PK’s from 2011. No one was more surprised than us when both of those cases were recently settled.

Erika Jayne’s husband has also seen his fair share of court cases. Not because he is an attorney, but because he owed someone money too. In January, Tom Girardi was slapped with a $15 million lawsuit on the grounds of using funds to maintain a lavish lifestyle. Although Tom denied these claims, his wife has been pretty vocal about how much cash it takes to put her together every day. In July that case was reportedly settled. Now there might be some light at the end of the tunnel for Erika and her glam squad Tom. Apparently Tom has further made good on paying back funds, which is great, but they aren’t out of the woods quite yet. Hang in there, Mikey!

Erika and Tom’s legal difficulties have not been as public as Dorit’s, but then again Erika didn’t piss off Camille Grammer Meyer like Dorit did… That was good for her because Camille didn’t spill any of Erika’s personal business. Erika also made moves to keep their financial battles out of the public eye, by requesting the courts to seal the records. Now it looks like Tom has made some headway in a lingering case.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, “Thomas Girardi dropped $2,982,272.42 owed on a $6 million debt. Earlier this year, the legal battle started when Law Finance Group sued Girardi and his law firm. The suit said they loaned $15 million to Girardi but he failed to pay it all back. Girardi only paid $10 million and was hit with a judgment of $6 million.”

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In August, Erika was called into court because the lender believed she was in possession of personal property owned by her husband. Tom has been fighting claims he breached a repayment plan that was reached one year prior. Tom was supposed to make monthly payments and tack on a cool $1 million by the end of October and another $5 million by January 1. The suit showed Tom also agreed to use the Pasadena Palace as collateral in the event he defaulted. Maybe Tom could have used the $5,000 toilet Erika purchased for him as collateral too, while they were not funding a lavish lifestyle.

While obviously the debts have not been paid in full, let’s have a cheers for progress! I’m sure Dorit and Erika are giggling in the corner regarding their supreme reign over the legal system. But before they get too immersed in celebration, both still have outstanding issues to resolve. Dorit and PK might want to tend to their taxes and Erika and Tom still face a separate $3 million lawsuit over another alleged unpaid loan. So Mikey and the glam squad Erika and Tom aren’t officially in the clear, though it seems Big Daddy is trying to take care of business. Allegedly.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]