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Braunwyn Windham-Burke Says Gina Kirschenheiter And Heather Gay Are Real Housewives Who Have Been The Most Supportive

Season 15 of Real Housewives of Orange County started off with Braunwyn Windham-Burke revealing that she was an alcoholic. And the mom of seven kids dealt with a lot of other issues, too.

In December, Braunwyn announced that she is a lesbian. The RHOC star’s husband, Sean Burke, supported her completely. Braunwyn and Sean tried all season to hammer out the details of their “modern marriage.”

During an episode of RHOC filmed during the coronavirus lock-down, Braunwyn admitted that she had hit her husband on two occasions. RHOC co-star Emily Simpson slammed Braunwyn for striking Sean.  Sean, still standing by his woman, issued his response to Emily’s criticism. “I love my wife. On two occasions I was the last defense between her and a bottle,” Sean tweeted. There is no excuse for physical violence–ever.

Braunwyn started dating a woman named Kris. A cuddly photo of them strolling on the beach was posted on Instagram by bravohousewives. In an Instagram Story Q & A, Braunwyn fielded questions from fans, with Sean seated next to her. Awkward! Braunwyn revealed that she gets together with Kris twice a week, but she has some strong feelings about Sean dating someone else. In fact, Braunwyn said that she would “be heartbroken” if her husband of 20 years started dating. Seriously, Braunwyn?

RHOC newbie Elizabeth Lyn Vargas took to Instagram and called Braunwyn out. “Acceptable behavior because she calls it a “modern marriage” or extremely narcissistic & hypocritical…Thoughts?” Elizabeth posted. Kelly Dodd liked the post and said, “I want to comment so bad haha.” Emily stated that Sean should “vote himself off the island at this point.”


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In the season finale, Emily’s beach party at Elizabeth’s house turned into a mass attack on Braunwyn. Kelly dislikes sober Braunwyn and claimed that Braunwyn was pretending to be an alcoholic for a storyline. The other Orange County ladies doubted Braunwyn’s authenticity. Guess who is the lucky target of the upcoming reunion?

According to People, Braunwyn was a guest on Watch What Happens Live on January 13, and she addressed who has been supportive of her journey. Braunwyn stated, “From my own show, my biggest supporter has been Gina [Kirschenheiter].” She added, “From all the shows,” Real Housewives Salt Lake City star Heather Gay has also been in her corner. “My cast has been pretty unsupportive, you know, in a lot of issues in my life. That was shocking,” Braunwyn remarked. No, it isn’t shocking, Braunwyn. It is Housewives 101.


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Braunwyn also found some of her co-stars’ comments about her sobriety “cruel.” She continued, “When someone says to you, ‘I’m an alcoholic and I’m trying to be sober,’ there’s only one response, and that’s, ‘How can I help?’ For people with such a large platform to be so cruel and unkind about this was really, really shocking to me,” Braunwyn shared.

It looks like the Season 15 reunion is going to be epic. I cannot wait!


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