Marlo Hampton Says It Was “A Lot” For Drew Sidora To Show Her Son’s Struggles On Real Housewives Of Atlanta; Praises Her For “Giving Her True Reality”

The Real Housewives of Atlanta have wrapped up their season and if I’m being honest, I was underwhelmed. It’s one of my favorite franchises, so I feel like they could give me nothing and I would still be happy. Which is kind of true for this season. But they hyped up the whole Bolo situation so much, I was expecting more. And they just didn’t deliver. Despite Kenya Moore trying to make BoloGate happen, it just kind of fell flat. Does anyone really care if Porsha Williams slept with him or not? I don’t.

But with a new season we did get a new housewife, Drew Sidora. While she clashed with almost everyone, she made it a point to show a lot of her personal life in her first season. And I mean A LOT. We got to swoon over her hot husband, Ralph Pittman, only to immediately un-swoon when he ditched her for three days without a peep. That was a mess if I’m being frank. I don’t care how hot he is, disappearing to “Tampa” for three days is a marriage dealbreaker for me. But Drew also shared a family struggle that included her oldest son, Josiah, coming to terms with his biological father.

Some of Drew’s castmates thought showing her child’s personal business was a bit too much. And by some I mean Kenya. They even got into a tweet war about it. But an unlikely ally is jumping to Drew’s defense.

In a recent clip from Watch What Happens Live, Marlo Hampton was asked to weigh in on the feud. While Marlo admits she “is still friends with Kenya” she also took up for Drew. Said Marlo, “I must admit that I thought it was a lot for Drew and the baby. But hey, that’s her reality and what’s really going on in her life.”


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She continued, “I really respect a person giving their true reality. And that’s what we are here to give you – our realties.” Marlo concluded, “So that’s what happened. It may have been uncomfortable for the son but guess what? You deserve the reality. You don’t deserve anything fake.”

Marlo hits the nail on the head. So many of these housewives (I’m looking at every cast member of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills here) try to hide the less flattering sides of their lives. Yes, I do think that there can be some boundaries but when you sign on to do reality, there can’t be much. You have to take the fans along for the ride, even the bumpy ones.


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So while some thought that Drew shouldn’t have shared such a personal struggle, Drew recognized it’s all part of her story. And for those who wouldn’t do it, then they have the option not to. But even Marlo knows that hiding your life won’t get you far as a housewife.

That’s a lot of wisdom for a woman who isn’t holding a peach. Now if only they would give her one, just like the WWHL viewer suggested.


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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]