Joe Gorga Was “Hurt” When His Nieces “Didn’t Like” Him Shading Joe Giudice

The house-husbands of Real Housewives of New Jersey have always been on another level. They may as well have their own show with all the drama they bring to the table. Honestly, Joe Gorga may be the messiest person on the show entirely. Housewives included! He broke the golden rule recently when he got involved in “women’s drama” and dragged Dolores Catania on camera for all to see. What a clown.

Joe has been continuously divisive this season, including towards his own wife,  Melissa Gorga. To anyone with a trained eye, it seems obvious that Joe and Mel are amping up the drama for airtime and a storyline. Are we supposed to seriously think these two are about to split? Over who walks into a van first? Give me a break. Maybe this bid for attention is a result of that fact that, for the first time ever, the dynamic between Joe, Melissa, and Teresa Giudice is in a place of harmony.

The exit of Joe Giudice and entry of new-boo Luis Ruelas from Teresa’s life has seriously changed the game. Unsurprisingly, Joe Gorga hasn’t been quiet about his thoughts on the switch up. Neither has Joe Giudice, for that matter. Meanwhile, Gia Giudice is also making public statements in defense of her felonious father. The blame game is truly a family affair.

As she’s gotten thirstier older, Gia has gotten more and more involved in the Housewives dynamics and press machine. Add another Gorga/Guidice to the mudslinging! On a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live Joe Gorga was approached about it all.


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He was asked about the shit he’s been talking with regards to his beloved nieces’ father. A fan wrote in asking how his constant bickering with Tre and Joe Giudice has affected his relationships, especially with Gia, who he has always seemed closest to. He’s also her godfather.

Joe replied to the question and said, “I’ll be honest with you, they didn’t like it. Between me and you, they’re supporting their father, which I agree, support your dad.” Joe also admitted, “I’m a little hurt by that because I love them so much and I give them a lot of attention and they’re just listening to him and I’m just gonna give it to them.”

When it comes to moving forward as a unified family, Joe realized, “That’s their daughters that’s their father. And I’m gonna take this [backseat].” How evolved.


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