Crystal Kung Minkoff

Crystal Kung Minkoff Shares Advice She Got From Tiffany Moon

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 11 premiered this week and it’s drawn viewers in already.  The leftover drama between Garcelle Beauvais, Kyle Richards, and Lisa Rinna has yet to be resolved.  Erika Girardi is on the cusp of a bitter divorce, and new cast members offer potential for more drama.

Of course Kathy Hilton will be well known to fans and the other RHOBH ladies.  As Kyle’s sister, the other cast members have had indirect contact with her via Kyle and Kathy’s tabloid presence.  But Crystal Kung Minkoff is relatively unknown.  She was invited to join the cast because of her close friendship with Kathy.  But Crystal will bring a lot to the show in her own right, and we can expect that some of that material will include her own Chinese heritage.

Just like Dr. Tiffany Moon did as the first Asian-American on Real Housewives of Dallas, Crystal is ready to educate the other ladies about her culture.  On the season premiere, Crystal described timing her daughter’s birth to coincide with the ultimate Chinese lucky number.  Co-stars Lisa and Kyle were very receptive to the information. So far so good.

RHOD Season 5 also started off relatively promising.  Tiffany was excited to share anecdotes and facts about her life.  Things seemed to go awry when it came to trying authentic Chinese cuisine.  It’s unclear whether Crystal will also take the route of pressuring delicacies on her cast mates.  Perhaps there are other lessons to share or a better way to go about trying new foods.

But certainly there will be many moments of strife, as evidenced by the RHOBH trailer.  Whatever the topic, Crystal will be embroiled in some drama.  Good advice can go a long way for a Real Housewives newbie.  And while on Watch What Happens Live, Crystal revealed that she got some from Tiffany.


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Host Andy Cohen asked Crystal, “did you tell me before the show that Tiffany had given you some advice about coming on the show and what advice did she give you?”

“Yeah so we actually had dinner a few weeks ago,” Crystal revealed, “she was in town, and we connected, just because, you know this whole experience and being the first Asians on the show.  And she had said just, you know, when you watch it back, it’s really hard.”

Tiffany had time to reflect on her season before she decided to quit RHOD, so she was in a good position to offer Crystal some insight.

Crystal continued, “and she had wished that she had not taken it on so…take it so personally or maybe reached out to some of the girls.  But she really had a hard time with it.  And that was great advice. “And some of the girls, you know, in this group gave me the same advice,” Crystal said of the warm welcome from the RHOBH cast, “so I think I’m prepared, but again I do that walking in, so hopefully I’ll be ok.”


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“You can never be prepared,” Dorit Kemsley added.

Well said.  It’s going to be a compelling season and it will be interesting to see how Crystal gels within the group.


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