The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - Season 11

Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Season 11 Trailer Released; Divorce, Embezzlement, New Housewives, And More!

Holy cats, it’s here. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is coming back and it has some explaining to do. Fans have been waiting for the Season 11 trailer to be released and for all intents and purposes, it does not disappoint. Loyal viewers of RHOBH have struggled the past few years due to lack of drama and the cast having a mental block against addressing their very interesting legal issues on camera. Instead we’ve been treated to bogus dog storylines and not much in the way of captivating television.

Will this be the redemption season for Beverly Hills? We’ll see some new faces on old faces and new cast members to spice things up. Kyle Richards’ sister Kathy Hilton is joining the gang, and newcomer Crystal Minkoff is off and running on her first season. Now it’s time to watch the Season 11 preview while the Bravo gods silently thank Erika Jayne for finally getting a storyline.

Erika has something going on. Sadly, it is due to other people suffering in the wake of her and Tom Girardi’s alleged embezzlement charges. But yes, apparently the reports are true, she’s gonna talk about it. Today E! shared the RHOBH Season 11 trailer and honey, it’s a doozy. Let’s begin!

Dorit Kemsley, or someone who resembles her, suggests playing “Two truths and a Lie”, which couldn’t possibly go left. The clip casually fades into Erika speaking on her now defunct marriage to Big Tommy. “I did not see it ending this way,” she said. She saw it ending with a lawyer going over the millions she received as the newly donned Widow Girardi, only wearing black Alexander McQueen and blunt bangs for a year during her mourning period. “I was going to hold that man’s hand until he died,” Erika added. Oh no doubt… Big Bravo drama alert with a, “WHAT IS TRUE?” title card is included in case you were not already aware of what Erika is hiding struggling with.


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The beautiful Garcelle Beauvais questions Erika if she had a “heads up” about Tom’s multiple lawsuits and financial issues. Looks like Erika is being given the angle of controlling the narrative on this one. Another dramatic title card comes up, “WHAT IS THE LIE?” Um, everyone’s plastic surgery? Just kidding! We move onto Dorit discussing Erika’s big problem with Big Tommy during a dinner. Because we know these women cannot eat without someone getting clocked. “Orphans and widows, it makes you feel sick,” Dorit said. Renown thespian Kyle pipes up with, “Did you know any of this?” in Erika’s direction. Naturally this gives Erika the Enigma a chance to respond, “No one knows the answer… but him.” Jan just called and wants you all to know she said “SURE”.

Another title card teases, “AND WHO IS BEING PLAYED?” Christ are we playing Clue or what? Where’s the candlestick? Enter Lisa Rinna saying, “What’s wrong with people being fake and phony sometimes?” Yes, she says that. Go ahead and laugh, I’ll wait. Then we get our first glimpse of the cast photo and it happened – Sutton Stracke has a diamond. Don’t let us down, honey.


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We get a look at Dorit’s new cheeks bridal gown line, the cast takes some amazing trips, and Crystal may or may not check a few people. Kathy walks around with what looks like a lampshade, but is probably an $18k haute couture chapeau on her head, discussing high dollar real estate. Sutton’s Southern drawl stating she has never felt so poor in her life is, well, completely unrelatable. Just go stand next to Erika, sweetie. Kathy living in the lap of luxury will clearly be lifestyle porn that has been absent since Lisa Vanderpump flew away on a pink cloud of puppies.

Fireball is not holding a diamond, but looks like it’s still a big part of the season. As per usual, Kyle cannot keep Kim Richards’ name out of her mouth. Kathy advises Kim changed her number, which she probably did after Kyle and Kathy killed her book deal stole her goddamned house.

Rinna will touch on her daughter Amelia Gray Hamlin’s absurd relationship with, ugh, Scott Disick. Don’t watch that one on an empty stomach. Kyle, utilizing the remaining moving muscles in her face, bellows out, “He’s too damn old and he’s got three kids,” whilst swinging a wine glass around. I’m guessing the part where Lisa admits any publicity is good publicity is left out. But what could go wrong with a girl who has struggled with mental health hooking up with a famewhore almost 20 years older?


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Crystal is apparently not going to be a wallflower during her first season, and good on her. As tensions rise during sensitive discussions, Crystal challenges Sutton. “You don’t see color?” Poor Sutton is shocked and wishes the vodka bottle behind them would come to life and distract from this line of questioning. Suddenly, a voiceover of Erika is heard saying, “I am not a liar.” Dun dun dunnnnnnn.

Sutton is doing the Lord’s work by getting Erika to use her youhavenoideawhatigothroughatnight voice and telling Sutton she has a lot of fucking nerve. When Sutton is not there for Erika’s implied threat, Erika gives her the ‘ol hard T treatment. “Or whaT, or whaT??” she says through clenched teeth and then tells Sutton to shut the fuck up. THE DRAMA. The camera pans around the table as the ladies try very hard to react with as much shock and emotion as Botox will allow.


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The trailer closes with some wise words from Kathy that I’m sure Confucius is furious he missed out on. “Life is a poker game. And everybody has to show their cards.” FORESHADOWING, I love it so much. So what do you guys think? Are we in for a good ride? Is this the season RHOBH comes back to life? In the absence of a good moral compass and making smart choices, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 11 premieres Wednesday, May 19 at 8 p.m. on Bravo. Watch the trailer below:


[Photo Credit: John Tsiavis/Bravo]