Erika Jayne’s Ghostwriter Claims Denise Richards Was On “Do Not Hire” List Prior To Joining Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

We’re off to the races with yet another season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and it seems like this season has a chance of being as great as the good old days. Last year, despite the show successfully attracting plenty of viewers, was hard to watch. The group ganged up on everyone’s favorite raggamuffin Denise Richards after she wouldn’t admit to hooking up with Brandi Glanville. Brandi really finally thought she had a shot at getting a diamond back in her hand by outing Denise. But in the end, Denise has the last laugh (with a Casamigos in hand) because she’s a real-life successful actress with a happy family. And Brandi is just begging for Bravo to give her a check any way they can. And now blaming the whole rumor on her only friend Kim Richards.

Denise graced us with her presence on RHOBH and while she didn’t always tell the truth, she was a lot of fun. Whether it was talking about her husband Aaron Phypers getting happy endings or screaming the iconic words “Bravo Bravo F–king Bravo,” she was good housewife material. But after the mean girl gang made her hookup rumors the only storyline of the season, it’s no wonder she said “peace” and left the show for good. At least Garcelle Beauvais was there to be a kind and true friend to Denise, or she would’ve been alone to fend for herself.

Denise had the chops of a good housewife. She has a veryyyy interesting back story *cough cough* Charlie Sheen. And a Hollywood life (maybe a little more jeans and a t-shirt thank glam squads though). And the triple threat – she was actually real-life friends with some cast members for years prior to the show. But according to All About The RHshe almost was never supposed to be a housewife in the first place.

Brian Moylan, the ghostwriter of Erika Jayne’s memoir and author/researcher for a new Real Housewives tell-all book, appeared on the Hot Takes Deep Dives podcast to spill a little Bravo tea ahead of his book release. (Sidenote: maybe Brian can be helpful with reviving Kim Richards’ tell-all book and bring it to life. A girl can dream.) He confirmed the existence of a “do not call list” that was rumored to contain socialites who were blacklisted from the franchise.


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“There is a list that they call the ‘forever no’ list either housewives or women who have been approached by casting directors who were either not interested or who they interviewed more than once, and they have decided against,’ Brian said. To be clear, the list is seemingly managed by casting agents and not Bravo itself.

Brian continued to reveal that Heather Locklear is blacklisted “because of all the legal trouble.” Darn, there goes another chance for Brandi and Melrose Place fans. And Lori Loughlin and Nicollette Sheridan (Harry Hamlin’s ex) allegedly make the list too. “People we think would be great on ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ have either said no or have been interviewed, and they’re too much of a mess or not good for television,” Brian said.

And the tea is that Denise was at one time too. “Curiously Denise Richards was one of the people who they had interviewed, and thought was too boring, but then Bravo specifically said, ‘Can you get us Denise Richards,'” he said.


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So Denise might regret that she wasn’t kept on the list for good, but she’s been able to make a pretty good recovery following Brandi dragging her through the mud attempting to expose her. She’s even open to doing reality TV again, which is a big step. All I gotta say is let’s hope Erika Girardi keeps the same energy she had toward Denise when it comes to the skeletons in her own closet. And her sidekick Lisa Rinna. At least we know if anything, Garcelle and Sutton Stracke will hold them accountable. Thank the Bravo gods.


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