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Gia Giudice Slams Joe And Melissa Gorga For Bad Mouthing Her Father Joe Giudice; Says Melissa Is Confident, Not Cocky

The explosive eleventh season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey is nearing a close, and I’m dreading saying goodbye. Unlike some other cities that filmed new seasons during the pandemic, Jersey brought it as always. And of course, we have to give thanks to the Giudice/Gorga family. We got to meet single Teresa Giudice for the first time ever, but it didn’t last long before she found her “soulmate” Luis Ruelas. Joe Giudice has been living overseas and being more faithful to Tre than he was during their marriage. The Giudice girls are all grown up and giving their mom dating advice. Gia Giudice in particular has been a major part of the story, no thanks to the “worst analogy ever” given by Jackie Goldschneider. We saw Joe Gorga literally kiss Frank Catania’s ass AND Melissa Gorga flip a cheese plate. It was truly everything fans could’ve ask for.

But as it comes to a close and we prep for a reunion, it’s time to look back on this explosive season. And how it all started — the Gia cocaine rumor spawned by Tre sharing a rumor that Evan Goldschneider is a cheat. It’s all blown over, much like Jackie’s tragic weave in the Jersey Shore breeze. But the reunion will no doubt re-open old wounds about this feud. Let’s not forget, Jackie even threw the “jail” word at Tre and we all know how that hits a nerve.

Gia recently appeared on a special episode of Watch What Happens Live filled with housewives’ kids. And she had quite a lot to say. She reunited with Caroline Manzo’s sons. She gave Jen Shah’s kids advice on how to deal with their mother’s ongoing legal battle. And she, of course, dished about the never-ending feud between her mom and dad and Melissa and Joey.

Joe Giudice has not stepped back from bashing his ex-in-laws in the press. Or as Melissa puts it, uses them for clickbait to make money. Tarzan blamed the death of his parents, particularly his mother, on the stress brought on by Juicy’s legal issues. To no surprise, that threw him over the edge and he accused Joey of stealing money from his own parents. Gia and Tre have stood by Juicy, because family is thick as thieves in their book. And even though Joe Gorga didn’t like it, that wasn’t going to stop her from defending her dad during her WWHL appearance.


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It started with Andy Cohen asking Gia if her mom should do a better job at defending her brother against her dad, or if she should just stay out of it. “My uncle Joe and aunt Melissa should not bring up my father because it’s not only disrespectful to my mom, but it’s disrespecting my sisters and I. There needs to become a fine line between all of that,” Gia said.

Andy followed up by asking if Gia agreed with Jennifer Aydin that Melissa can be self-absorbed. Gia, who might have even better media training than her mom, gave a very interesting response. “I think there’s a fine line between confidence and cockiness and I think my aunt Melissa is definitely very confident,” Gia responded. We know Melissa loves to be “On Display” at all times, which is why she makes up storylines and used Tre’s reputation to get her own spot on the show. But Gia’s not going to totally slam her aunt as hard as her mom slammed her sprinkle cookies in the trash. But she definitely can throw shade all on her own.


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