Braunwyn Windham-Burke Real Housewives Of Orange County

Braunwyn Windham-Burke Says She Wouldn’t Have Came Out As A Lesbian If She Didn’t Appear On Real Housewives Of Orange County

It’s clear after Season 15 of the Real Housewives of Orange County that some major shake-ups need to happen in the OC. Whether it was Kelly Dodd’s utter lack of self-awareness or Braunwyn Windham-Burke’s habit of causing complete chaos in the lives of anyone in her orbit, the show has taken a turn for the toxic. No wonder Bravo execs have been taking their time to figure out the direction of the show for Season 16, which hopefully will come with a return of Fancy Pants Heather Dubrow and the ultimate pot-stirrer Tamra Judge. They’re the only two who can fix this mess.

In my humble opinion, RHOC started going downhill once Kelly came in hot with her explosive and aggressive behavior. And the addition of BoringWin only made it worse. Season 15 really was the Braunwyn show, which is probably exactly how she liked it. She continued to talk about her sobriety any chance she got, even though she has no problem accusing her co-stars of being alcoholics. She came to terms with her sexuality, sort of, by announcing she was a lesbian who wanted to stay married to her meal ticket baby daddy Sean Burke while having a girlfriend on the side. Things only escalated as the season went on, culminating with a reunion that exposed Braunwyn’s bad behavior, self-absorption and tendency to tell lies as often as she breathes air.

Braunwyn is one of those Real Housewives that obviously lives for being a “celebrity” in their own mind. She’s tried and failed to control her narrative on the show, but many RHOC fans saw right through it. Recently, she gave an interview where she proclaimed she never would’ve come out as a lesbian if it weren’t for RHOC, StyleCaster reports. “The show helped me get sober. I can’t talk about coming out without talking about my sobriety because they are connected,” she said.


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“I had accountability, which I never had before,” Brauny continued. Really, is anyone shocked that it took her 40 plus years to take some accountability for her actions? But after the way she’s been acting on the show for the past few years, I will need to see some authentic accountability to believe it from her. That is if Bravo offers her a contract to come back to RHOC next season.


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“I say the worst thing I ever did was getting sober on national TV and the best thing I ever did was get sober on national TV,” Braunwyn continued. “People are like, ‘That doesn’t make any sense.’ I know that. But it’s true. If I hadn’t stayed sober, do I think I would’ve come out? No, I don’t. Because I would’ve never taken the time to sit and figure out why I’m doing what I’m doing.” All I have to say is if Gretchen Rossi and Vicki Gunvalson were confused by Braunwyn’s sexuality before, this probably makes their heads spin even more.


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