Crystal Kung Minkoff Was Most Hesitant To Meet Erika Jayne When She Joined Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

No one would fault at Real Housewives of Beverly Hills newbie for being apprehensive about joining the group.  These ladies are a strong bunch of personalities and their reputations for drama and conflict is well documented.  Even if you don’t watch the show, there’s enough tabloid fodder on each and every RHOBH cast mate to formulate an opinion.

These ladies are Beverly Hills veterans.  Lisa Rinna and Garcelle Beauvais have worked in the entertainment industry for decades.  Kyle Richards and Kathy Hilton were in tabloids for years by proxy of Paris HiltonErika Jayne has a persona and an alter ego that proceeds her wherever she goes.  Dorit Kemsley has been on the show long enough to have some context about her character.  Finally, Sutton Stracke.  Well, Sutton is certainly making herself known now.


So with Crystal being the new introduction to the cast, it only makes sense to ask what impressions she had prior to meeting her co-stars.  Kathy and Crystal are long-time friends, but she apparently did not meet Kyle and the rest of the cast until the show.

During the premiere episode, Crystal quipped that, “if you don’t know someone, they might not be worth knowing.”  Well, Crystal was a good sport about being introduced into this group, but was there anyone in particular that she was nervous to meet?

Andy Cohen posed this question when Crystal appeared on Watch What Happens Live recently.  The clip was featured on Bravo’s official Twitter page for the show.  Crystal was asked, “which of the women in the group were you most apprehensive about meeting beforehand based on what you heard about them around town?”


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As if Crystal had no wifi and couldn’t google the names.  Of course, it’s a big point of who knows who in Beverly Hills so maybe this question is meant to play off of that theme.

“Around town?” Crystal replied, ” I would say Erika.”  First impressions are important but relationships can grow and evolve.  Andy followed up by asking, “and were you pleasantly surprised after meeting her?  Did you impression change once you met her?”

“Yeah.  I think because I had that impression, and she was nice to me.  That was the only person really,” Crystal replied.  RHOBH viewers won’t be surprised with that answer.  Erika certainly has come off as aloof in the past, especially to new cast members.  But she and Crystal have gotten along well so far.  It’s Sutton that’s rubbing Crystal the wrong way.  At the end of the day, it’s Real Housewives, and these dynamics will change.  And it will be interesting to see if Erika’s current legal woes will affect how she interacts with the cast.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]