Captain Sandy Yawn

Below Deck Mediterranean Star Captain Sandy Yawn Is Still In Touch With Tom Checketts After Split From Malia White; Says It Was Sad To See Malia With Heartbreak

It’s a matter of some debate whether the series of events leading up to Tom Checketts working on the same yacht as his then girlfriend Malia White were circumstantial or premeditated.  Both Tom and Malia worked in the industry and hadn’t seen each other in some time.  Tom just happened to be available when Captain Sandy Yawn fired Kiko Lorran, and was her first choice in replacing gentle Kiko, who was fired in the middle of dinner service and generally humiliated.

But as it turned out, just having Tom on board wasn’t enough.  Malia wanted to switch cabins and put two warring egos into one confined space.  When Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier refused to room with Bugsy Drake, Malia reported Hannah’s valium and CBD pen to Captain Sandy, though she had prior knowledge of these items.  Sandy fired Hannah, promoted Bugsy, and Malia got easy access to Tom.  Sandy even announced the new bunking arrangement over the radio.

It’s because Sandy got so involved in this saga that she is now asked her opinion about Malia and Tom’s breakup.  Yes, the two lovebirds that could only be reunited by a cosmic shift of firings, bunk changes, and the dethroning of the Below Deck Mediterranean OG chief stew are not together anymore.  There were rumors of Tom cheating, but Malia blamed conflicting schedule and long-distance issues.

On a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live, Sandy was asked, “how did you react when you heard that Malia and Tom broke up?  And were you surprised?  Have you talked to Tom since the break?”

Surprised about the breakup?  Or surprised they lasted as long as they did?  After all, viewers got an earful of Tom’s tantrums each episode.  Malia was balancing work and coddling her boyfriend.  Sandy had to intervene at one point and order her out of the galley.  If anything, Malia suffered from the optics of being associated with him.

Sandy answered, “yes, I’d seen Tom and Malia.  Yeah it was sad to witness Malia with a heartbreak, but…people hook up & they break up.”


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Malia doesn’t seem to be affected by the breakup.  She claims to be focused on work and furthering her profession.  She’s also partying it up and enjoying life.  The Season 6 trailer shows her drunkenly twerking on a Lazy Susan while saying, “this is what happens when I’m single.”

However Malia truly feels about Tom, it’s certain that her time on screen will be more entertaining than it was last season.  As for Sandy keeping in touch with Tom, well, he’s the only chef that she has any positive opinion about.


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