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Cary Deuber Hints At Possible Return To Real Housewives Of Dallas

Let’s discuss the Real Housewives of Dallas it’s precarious status after a frustrating season. Kary Brittingham dumped salsa on beds and spent the majority of the time with her new BFF tequila. Stephanie Hollman blinked a lot and defended her buddy after making a video mocking Asians, and a social media exercise in how to be a complete dick courtesy of Kameron Westcott’s family went down after the reunion. The whole thing was a mess.

Losing LeeAnne Locken to asshole comments about Kary’s heritage taught no lessons in sensitivity or owning mistakes and Season 5 fell apart after recently-tapped Tiffany Moon arrived as the first Asian cast member. Fans were appalled at how Tiffany was treated and Brandi Redmond’s self-imposed victimization of a tone deaf video no one forced her to make didn’t help. Viewers called for firings or cancelling the show completely and now rumors are swirling some ladies are out. If one door closes, another one opens, and Cary Deuber might be behind door number one.

Earlier this month Big Daddy Andy Cohen announced Heather Dubrow is returning to Real Housewives of Orange County. I am personally excited for the inevitable friendship that will surely blossom between Heather and Gina Kirschenheiter, the new team we never knew we needed. Step aside Tres Amigas and make way for Dos Not Take Your Shit. Andy also alluded to another vet making a comeback but failed to name the mysterious woman in the batting cage. Speculations ran from Phaedra Parks bringing her tall tales back to Real Housewives of Atlanta, or the Bone Collector herself, Shereé Whitfield.

Now it looks like Dallas could be the lucky recipient of a returning cast member and Cary with a C might be suggesting the boys at the Round Up better get ready. Cary recently took a vaycay with husband Mark Deuber, because he doesn’t let her go too far without him, and participated in an Instagram Live where fans asked questions. Thankfully Queens of Bravo were on that thing and shared a screenshot to Twitter.


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During Cary’s video, a follower who appreciates the art of subtlety and hostage negotiation wrote, “Remove ur sunglasses if ur coming back to RHOD!!”. Cary then lowered her sunglasses with what can only be described as a “knowing look”. Cary’s comeback would also indicate a definite change has happened but no announcements have been made regarding the current cast. Brandi released a muddy statement in February indicating her departure but her statement was blamed on pregnancy hormones and never addressed.

In March of last year, Cary said she wouldn’t set foot back on RHOD as long as Brandi was in a 10 mile radius because she believes Brandi is the one who started the rumor about Dr. Mark’s bathroom enthusiasm at gay bars. Others don’t have such technical requirements of Brandi but do wish she would just disappear completely.


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It might be fun for Cary to come back because she holds no blind loyalty to one person and has zero problem advising someone she’ll spill their dirt. While we wait for news about Cary’s possible return, at least she can come in with a clean slate. After the depths of disgust RHOD managed to reach at the end of last season, being labeled a homewrecker is now considered the highest compliment when used in context with this show.


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