Crystal Kung Minkoff Says She Tried To Diffuse Drama Between Erika Jayne And Garcelle Beauvais “Several Times”

Bravo, Bravo, F***ing BRAVO! Those are the magic words for any Real Housewife to keep footage away from viewer’s screens. Gotta preserve that fourth wall! For Erika Jayne, that on-screen persona is more important than ever! This one needs a Game Of Thrones level night-watch on her fourth wall. Where’s Mikey when we need him!?

Erika has investigators straight up transcribing Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episodes to catch her tripping. Why she came back to film in the midst of embezzlement claims and possible JAIL TIME, is beyond me. Really leaning in to that “zero fucks given” mood. And while Erika fully deserves the take down, it’s also not surprising that she’s having a parallel break down as camera’s follow her demise.

During the RHOBH cast trip to Palm Springs, everything came to a head for Erika and the other women. During a hike, Crystal Kung MinkoffGarcelle Beauvais, and Erika got into some nitty gritty details regarding Erika and Tom Girardi’s divorce. Erika gave comments about Tom’s cognitive decline, as well as some juice on his call log. Of course, she left out her demands for alimony entirely.

During the Housewives’ walk back to the car, there was a conversation where-in Erika shares Tom still calls her regularly. Apparently he is begging her for some contact. While Erika maintains that she doesn’t answer Tom’s calls (because that would go against her legal counsel), the whole thing is just weird. She had previously wanted a metric ton of sympathy for Tom’s lack of emotion surrounding their split. Why did she just reveal this on camera?


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Well, this is where the cultists separate themselves from the pack. If you’re paying close attention during the Tom phone call convo, you’ll notice the entire thing is voiced over the women’s backs as they descend the mountain. Not once do we see their faces voicing the words. More than a few theories are flying around about this. Mainly that the entire thing was an off-camera but mic’ed convo the producers had caught.

Meanwhile, Erika made sure to tell Crystal not to bring that convo up again. It seems she forgot to tell Garcelle, who was (theoretically) told by producers to bring it up once more. This time, the cameras would be ready and the other women could hear the contradictory story. Of course, when Garcelle did this, Erika flipped. Ms. Erika likely had zero clue she had already been caught by the crew. She was solely blaming Garcelle for this cringe moment.


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As Erika berated Garcelle for betraying her trust, we saw Crystal meekly try to set the record straight. She did give one half-hearted attempt (that we saw) at explaining to Erika that Garcelle wasn’t there when she had asked Crystal to not bring the phone-call convo up again. The Instagram account @commentsbybravo caught fans questioning Crystal, though. Someone said, ” I was actually annoyed that Crystal didn’t step in while Erika (sic) was there to let her know Garcelle wasn’t in the car when she asked her not to share the info. Crystal could have diffused the situation but instead let it blow up.”

Crystal responded to the viewer and said, “I did. Many many times.” I believe her. We all know that a lot of what happened during this Garcelle and Erika blow up didn’t make it to our screens. That’s probably because it all broke fourth wall, and included producers in the mayhem. The moral for Erika? Play stupid games, win stupid prizes!


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[Photo Credit: John Tsiavis/Bravo]