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Garcelle Beauvais Feels “Sorry” For Erika Jayne; Says Tom Girardi Did “Some Really Bad Things”

The story of Erika Bamboozle Jayne has been playing out in the media since November. But we are just now seeing the fallout on this season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. In it, Erika announces the divorce of her 20+ year marriage via a text to the ladies. And then tells the rest of the world on Election Day, hoping that it gets buried in the press.

Well. it didn’t. And Erika has husband Tom Girardi’s alleged sins to thank for that. He’s been accused of stealing money from orphans and widows. Erika stands accused of knowing that her lavish lifestyle was being funded by said stolen funds. Which honestly makes you wonder why on earth Erika was busy flaunting her wealth this season. Sure, she downgrades to a teensy weensy 2,000 square foot apartment. But let’s be real, that apartment and brand new Range Rover likely weren’t paid for by her club appearances. And given how Erika has been acting on social media, it’s really hard to feel any kind of sympathy for her.

But Erika does seem to have one person who feels sorry for her. Castmate Garcelle Beauvais. She recently defended Erika on Watch What Happens Live.

Host Andy Cohen kicked off by mentioning that the women of RHOBH seemed to hold Erika to a different standard than former castmate Denise Richards when it came to sharing her personal life. Andy then asks Garcelle what she knew about the whole Tom/Erika situation in the most recent episode. According to Garcelle, “That news had not broken. Right now, all we knew was that Erika was getting a divorce from the man that she loved for so many years.” She continued, “We do not know anything as of right now on TV.”

Andy then asks what her reaction is to the news as it’s breaking. Garcelle replied, “Shocking. Shocking. You just don’t believe it. You feel like, is it a movie? Is it, are we being punted? I feel sorry for her. You know, because that’s a tough place to be. But Tom did some really bad things. Really, really bad things.” She added, “If all of it is true.”


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I have to admit, I’m a little shocked that Garcelle would be taking up for Erika on this one. Garcelle seems to have a very well tuned BS meter, and all I get from Erika is BS. I would expect the other women to rally around Erika but not Garcelle. I thought she was smarter than that.

But maybe it’s not a case of being smarter, but rather more sympathetic. Unfortunately, with Erika’s behavior, I just can’t muster up any sympathy on my end. And I doubt many viewers can either. Just think of the orphans and widows.


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