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Garcelle Beauvais Says Her “Heart Goes Out To The Victims And No One Else” If Accusations Against Erika Jayne And Tom Girardi Are True

If it lives up to the hype, season 11 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills may be one for the record books. Any fans left sure have earned it, too. The last several seasons of this franchise have been a repetitive mob-mentality-nightmare. From what we know thus far, it sounds like Sutton Stracke is pulling her weight to bring us everything we deserve. She’s always been good at calling it like she sees it. Methinks Sutton is seeing Erika Jayne quite clearly these days too.

Despite trying to paint herself as a scapegoatErika is still in some super deep legal trouble. The case against her seems to be building at warp speed. Even more interesting, now she’s on a national platform to “share her side.”

Sutton isn’t the only one speaking out about Erika’s situation or what it’s like to film in the midst of a literal felony investigationGarcelle Beauvais, another second season wonder, has shared her thoughts on the situation with  Entertainment Tonight . Garcelle was asked if she believed everything Erika had told her about the situation. Garcelle swerved and ‘pled the fifth’.

Garcelle did admit, “I don’t think Erika knows everything, and you know, it’s just a tough spot to be in… I mean, her life changed drastically in a matter of days. I can relate to that. When I got my divorce, it was public.” I highly doubt Garcelle’s divorce resembled Erika’s a single other way, but it’s nice of her to try and make it relatable, I guess?


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Garcelle continued, “It’s hard to live something so personal, so publicly. And being on a reality show just amplifies it that much more, so. I definitely feel for [Erika].” Garcelle quickly added, “But I feel for the victims.” She said, “If this is absolutely true then, my heart goes out to the victims and no one else.”

When asked if fans will walk away with a better understanding and insight into what Erika went through, Garcelle shared, “Nobody knows, you know? It’s not over yet, right? But you’ll definitely get more insight into what she knows and what she doesn’t, but that’s her story to tell.” So diplomatic.


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And tell it she will! In fact, it was reported that investigators will be transcribing Erika’s episodes of RHOBH this season. What I would give to see a People’s Couch version of that! Let’s keep those prayers up this season is the one we’ve been waiting for!


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