Crystal Kung Minkoff And Sutton Stracke Are Reportedly Full-Time On RHOBH Season 12; Sources Deny Contrary Rumors

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills feels like it’s in its prime era. The series started out strong with the drama brought by Kim Richards, Taylor Armstrong, Lisa Vanderpump, and the other OGs. But more recently, or what I like to call the Erika Jayne/Teddi Mellencamp flop era, the show has been struggling. That is, until Erika’s life absolutely imploded, mainly due to her divorce and Tom Girardi’s embezzlement allegations. Now, producers know they are making good TV, so they didn’t wait to start filming Season 12. Cameras were back to filming Beverly Hills’ finest ladies just moments after Season 11 finished airing on TV.

Rumors about RHOBH’s next season are everywhere. The word on the street is that Kathy Hilton might be a one-hit-wonder, as Bravo isn’t cutting her the paycheck she’s looking for (allegedly). And more recently, gossip page Deuxmoi unveiled a tip that one of the newer diamond holders might be getting the boot prior to next season. The tip hinted that a newbie who is “quiet and boring” came for one of the main cast members, resulting in a demotion. Considering Sutton Stracke and Crystal Minkoff both had their first full-time seasons last year, it sounded like it could be one of them.

But Radar Online reports that Sutton stans and Crystal fans have nothing to worry about. Their “sources” (LVP?) say that Sutton and Crystal are definitely full-time. The claims that producers weren’t happy with the newbies are apparently “inaccurate” and they aren’t going anywhere. Bless. I need the full Season 11 cast back.

Crystal has the making for a good Real Housewives star because of her wealth and power. But her behavior amidst the Erika Jayne of it all wasn’t impressive to me. I do understand that she had just met the ladies and wasn’t coming in hot for someone’s personal life. But in her sophomore season, I need a little more from her.


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As for Sutton, she WAS Season 11. She’s the only one brave enough to call out Erika’s nonsense, and get threatened in the meantime. The two newbies even got into a pretty heated feud between themselves that provided endless entertainment. While it’s since been solved, Sutton’s face-roller will forever live rent-free in my mind. Oh, and Crystal’s ugly leather pants, of course.

I am curious if the Deuxmoi tip was about Kathy, as it did refer to this person as a “one-hit wonder” of the network. Kathy’s got a TV gig locked thanks to Paris Hilton’s Peacock empire, so she doesn’t need Real Housewives. But considering she was such a fan favorite, it would be sad if she didn’t come back, at least as a friend-of, next go-around.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]