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Peter Madrigal Shoots His Shot With Vicki Gunvalson After Her Split From Steve Lodge

We’re barely into 2022 and it’s already chaotic. Tristan Thompson already got himself in another cheating scandal with Khloe Kardashian, just in time for the family’s Hulu take on Keeping Up With The Kardashians 2.0. Andy Cohen’s been receiving backlash for his drunken New Years’ Eve antics on CNN. And as far as Real Housewives of Orange County, there are seemingly endless scandals surrounding the show. There has been drama with old faces like Meghan King’s 2-second marriage to Joe Biden’s nephew. And new ones, such as the mess that is Noella Bergener’s impending divorce.

Vicki Gunvalson’s time on RHOC is way in the rearview, but she’s providing plenty of drama for the Bravo fandom to sink its teeth into. Vicki is set to star on the next season of Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip. But it won’t be a fun-loving bonding experience, but another reason for Vicki and her sidekick Tamra Judge to do some pot-stirring. This time, it sounds like Brandi Glanville might be their target. I have goosebumps just thinking about it.

Outside of her Real Housewives return, Vicki’s love life is as convoluted as ever. In recent weeks, she and her fiance Steve Lodge called it quits. It seemed amicable for exactly 30 seconds before cheating allegations and extremely different timelines left fans in the middle of Vicki’s truth, Steve’s truth, and the cold, hard truth. Sounds about right for Ms. Family Van.

And to rub salt in Vicki’s wound even more, Steve already put a ring on ANOTHER WOMAN’S FINGER. The AUDACITY of some men. Vicki truly needs the most boring, loyal man ever who won’t go wandering when Vicki’s busy selling insurance or whooping it up with her girlies. Let Briana Culberson pick your next boyfriend, Vicki. Even if you really are with a new guy, I don’t think you can trust your own gut anymore.

In a turn of events that I did NOT expect on my bingo card, Vanderpump Rules OG Peter Madrigal is shooting his shot at the OG of RHOC. Bear with me, there’s a lot to unpack here. Andy is partially to blame after he made a tweet about Vicki’s empty love tank. Andy expressed his desire for Vicki to find a nice guy, and Peter saw it as his chance to get Vicki to be his sugar mama. Oy vey.


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Vicki responded to Andy’s tweet, thanking him for the kind words. “I’m starting to lose hope that there are any good SINGLE loyal guys are around anymore. What is wrong with people?” she wrote. Peter saw her response and decided to put his two cents in. He also proved his knowledge of Vicki’s messy dating history, which is something I did not expect from the quietest Pump Rules star of all time.

Peter wrote,” V – get a better picker! The last guy was a cheating & the guy before that was a lying liar & before that was Donn [Gunvalson].” We have to Stan Peter’s extensive Real Housewives knowledge. I also love how he can’t even say anything bad about Donn because he was harmless #JusticeForDonn. “You need a spark in your love tank,” Peter continued. And then he really made his proposal. “I’m single BTW, hellooooo come to @SurRestaurant with your girls & let me host your return to being Single n’ Sassy! WhooHooo,” Peter wrote. OK let’s break this down.


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First of all, I love Peter’s not-so-secret promo for Sur amidst arguably the most disastrous VPR season of all time. Lisa Vanderpump, this man needs a raise. Secondly, does Peter really think he has what it takes to settle down with Queen Victoria? Maybe he does and power to him. But I just cannot picture it. Peter also retweeted the always hilarious Donn Gunvalson parody account about Steve’s engagement. The tweet shows a screenshot of the People announcement aboutg Steve’s engagement, where he claims he asked his fiance to be “Mrs. Steve Chavez Lodge”. “He proposed in the third person?” the fake Donn account responded. Sounds like Peter might be #TeamDonn too.

Peter does seem pretty loyal though — he has to be up there in LVP’s longest-running employees of all time. He’s also the most tone-downed of all the SURvers in the bunch, but he still knows how to have fun. Actually, maybe they are secretly a match-made in heaven — we know Peter has a thing for blondes. Andy, get these two on an episode of Watch What Happens Live together and make it happen.


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