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Jennifer Aydin Says Dolores Catania “Is A Jerk To” Her On Real Housewives Of New Jersey

It feels like Real Housewives of New Jersey is packing a season-full of drama into each episode. It is a lot. During the Season 12 premiere of RHONJ, Margaret Josephs, who was tired of Jennifer Aydin being a hypocrite, told Jennifer that her husband, Bill Aydin, was cheating on her. Margaret had a fact wrong, so Jennifer corrected her. In the past, Jennifer slammed both Margaret and Margaret’s mother for having relationships with married men.

Jennifer found out about Bill’s infidelity 10 years ago right before she gave birth to their fourth child. During Dolores Catania’s housewarming party, Jennifer started to feel upset and overwhelmed. Jackie Goldschneider comforted Jennifer, which didn’t go over well with Dolores and Margaret. Dolores told Jennifer not to cry over Bill’s affair. That was a bit harsh.

Then Margaret detonated another bombshell. Margaret told Jackie that Jennifer was trying to find out some dirt about Jackie’s husband, Evan Goldschneider. Last season, Teresa Giudice spread a rumor that Evan was cheating on Jackie. According to Margaret, Jennifer asked Dolores’ ex-husband, Frank Catania, about Evan’s supposed mistress.

Dolores was sympathizing with Jennifer because Margaret exposed Bill’s affair, but she didn’t like the fact that Jennifer was digging up dirt. Jennifer admitted to asking Frank about Evan to “appease” her bestie, Teresa, who was still upset with Jackie.

In his Instagram Story, Frank set the record straight. @realhousewiveszone shared a screenshot. Frank wrote, “Just to clarify, I was still of the absolute position that @evangoldschneider never cheated on @jackiegoldschneider so there is no possibility that I knew of any woman or said anything of such to anyone.”


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Jennifer disagreed with Frank’s remarks. A side-by-side screenshot of Frank and Jennifer’s comments was shared by Rhonjsource. “I want you all to think about this…How would I think to ask Frank these things if it didn’t come from him first?” Jennifer said. “Oh, btw, he admits it in the Aftershow…#youcanttakeithowhonestiam. Vindication coming soon [I don’t believe the rumor-or Frank] Just to clarify…”

During the most recent episode of RHONJ, Paterson Dolores came out to play when Jackie and Jennifer questioned Dolores’ loyalty to Jennifer. While Dolores claimed to be friends with both Margaret and Jennifer, even Margaret pointed out that Dolores was closer to her.

And Jackie said that she didn’t think that Dolores had Jennifer’s back, which almost led to a physical altercation. I know Jackie and Evan were throwing a frat-style party, but Dolores brought an extra spark of realism with her temper. Dolores had dumped her longtime boyfriend, Dr. David Principe, the night before, which might also be the reason she came in hot.


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According to Page Six, Jennifer questioned her friendship with Dolores during an interview on Access Hollywood’s Housewives Nightcap. “She claims to defend me — and she does in real life, she really does defend me,” Jennifer explained. “And I love her. And I thought, ‘She loves me in real life, and sometimes is a jerk to me on the show.’”

Jennifer continued, “But now I’m starting to realize she doesn’t like me and just appeases me for the show. So, I don’t know where we stand.” The mother-of-five added, “I just know some of the things I saw [this season] were really hurtful. Hopefully, we can try and work it out at the reunion.”

“If that is the friendship that you’re going to give me, then maybe I don’t need your friendship,” Jennifer said of Dolores. “We’re cool. I don’t think I’ve ever said anything negative about her in my confessionals. I can’t say the same for her about me…what she said in her confessionals about me, and that’s been something I’ve struggled with through the years,” Jennifer added.


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