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Jennifer Aydin’s Husband Bill Aydin Calls Jackie Goldschneider’s Comment About His Affair “Hurtful” And “A Very Toxic Opinion”

What a tangled web of friendships we have on Real Housewives of New Jersey this season. During the Season 12 RHONJ premiere, Margaret Josephs exposed Jennifer Aydin’s secret. And it was a shocker. Jennifer’s husband, Bill Aydin, had an affair 10 years ago while she was pregnant with their fourth kid.

After enduring Jennifer’s digs about how both Margaret and her mom dated married men, Margaret finally decided that she needed to expose Jennifer as a hypocrite. Margaret claimed that she knew about Bill’s indiscretion before Jennifer joined RHONJ.

During Jennifer’s first season, Margaret made a dig about Bill sleeping in the pool house or with his girlfriend. Jennifer had such a raw and emotional reaction that Margaret dropped the topic. Jennifer doesn’t believe that Margaret knew for that long, or she would have busted it out of the vault sooner.

At Jackie Goldschneider’s keg party, Jackie told Jennifer that Dolores Catania didn’t have her back. After a heated discussion about whether Dolores is closer to Margaret or Jennifer, Paterson Dolores showed up. Dolores and Jackie almost came to blows.

During the most recent episode of RHONJ, Dolores told Jennifer what Jackie said about Bill at Teresa Giudice’s pool party. Jackie remarked that Bill should have kept his “dick in his pants.” Jennifer was furious.


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According to Reality Blurb!, Bill sounded off on Jackie’s comment during the RHONJ: After Show. “It’s always hurtful when you put trust in friends and you don’t judge their lives and have it come back in a way where instead of trying to be supportive towards a friend, they’re there to kind of shame them. But people will say things in the heat of the moment,” Bill explained. “Does it reflect on their personalities? Yes, it does. So, for me, that was a very toxic opinion.” It was a fact, not an opinion, Bill.

Then Jennifer chimed in, “It’s just so vile and it’s so disgusting and it just shows what lengths someone could go to in order to draw some attention to themselves.”

Dolores broke down why she felt it was important to tell Jennifer about Jackie’s comment. “I felt that since Jackie wanted Jennifer to have the heads up on the kind of friend, she thought I was, it was time for me to let Jennifer know the kind of friend I thought she was being to her,” Dolores shared. Bloop!

And while Jennifer and Dolores’ friendship is not in a good place right now, Jennifer appreciated the heads up about Jackie. “Any kind of friendship that she extended towards me was probably an attempt to manipulate me in order to maybe turn Dolores against me or me against Dolores,” Jennifer said of Jackie.


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As for Jackie, she believes that Dolores used her comments and “weaponized them for her own purposes.” Jackie continued, “Jennifer was the one who was cheated on and Jennifer was taking all the responsibility for this, but it wasn’t her who had done anything.” Jackie added, “I could have used less crude words but the reality is that it was Bill who stuck his d-ck into somebody else, not Jennifer, so why is she feeling all this pain right now?”

Jennifer is still pissed off about Jackie’s statement. “She knew she was mic’d, she knew that they were going to use that, and she knew that my children were going to see that,” the mom of five stated. After all, one of the couple’s children, Olivia Aydin, found about her father’s indiscretion on TikTok.

This season has shifted all the dynamics on RHONJ, and it is deliciously dramatic.


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