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Jackie Goldschneider Says Real Housewives Of New Jersey Men “Were Not Shocked” By Bill Aydin Cheating On Jennifer Aydin

Last season on Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa Giudice told guests at Jackie Goldschneider’s party for her husband, Evan Goldschneider, that he was cheating on Jackie while at the gym. That led to the horrible RHONJ analogy heard around the world. Namely, Jackie told Teresa that she heard that Teresa’s daughter, Gia Giudice, was using coke in bathrooms at parties. Jackie was distraught about the gossip, and called her relationship with Evan “the most stable and beautiful marriage on the show.”

Jackie and Teresa finally apologized to each other, but Jackie insisted that Teresa apologize to Evan. If you ever wanted to see Teresa squirm, this was your moment of triumph.

RHONJ co-stars Margaret Josephs and Jennifer Aydin hurled barbs at each other all season, and the Season 11 reunion was no exception. Jennifer accused Margaret of being the root of the Evan cheating rumor. Heading into the next season, Jennifer was on the outs with Jackie, Margaret, and Melissa Gorga. Fans wondered if Jennifer was being iced out of the cast by the trio.

Margaret reportedly spread a rumor that Jennifer was cheating on her husband, Dr. Bill Aydin.  During the Season 12 RHONJ premiere, Teresa held a pool party. Margaret slammed Jennifer for not being honest about her life. Then Margaret dropped the bomb that Bill supposedly cheated on Jennifer with someone at his practice, which led him to change jobs. Jennifer kept her cool and corrected Margaret. Bill’s affair was actually with a rep for a pharmaceutical company. I am shook. I really loved Bill and Jennifer’s relationship.

Jackie told Page Six that Bill’s fellow Jersey husbands weren’t floored by the news. “I don’t think the guys get as involved in the drama. The guys all love Bill,” Jackie stated. “I think some of them were not shocked, and I don’t know why.”

She continued, “Some of them were not shocked, but they would never rib him about it. I don’t even think they brought it up to him. They’re not like that.”


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The group of Jersey husbands includes Bill, Evan, Melissa’s husband Joe Gorga, Margaret’s husband Joe Benigno, and Dolores Catania’s ex-husband, Frank Catania.

“They’re good guys,” the former attorney explained. “They’re able to put aside the women drama and really have their own friendships.” When Evan faced rumors last season, all the men told Evan that they had his back.

“I’m so protective of the Jersey husbands. Like the Jersey husbands just have this bond in the way they love each other,” Jackie remarked. “Off-camera also is just so unique — they love being together.”

I love the husbands on RHONJ. I always look forward to their boys’ nights and crazy stunts. But I wonder how this startling revelation will play out over the season for both the husbands and the Housewives.


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