Dolores Catania Says That Jennifer Aydin “Is Being Very Disloyal” To Her

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Dolores Catania is front and center for the drama this season. Last season, Dolores was dragged by her RHONJ co-stars when her boyfriend, Dr. David Principe, bought her a Porsche instead of an engagement ring. Dolores wouldn’t move in with David without a commitment, and he was always too busy to spend time with her.

Dolores’ ex-husband, and her apparent “soulmate” forever, Frank Catania, said that although David is his friend, “he sucks as a boyfriend.” Frank and Dolores are a package deal and will always be very involved in each other’s lives.

Dolores broke up with David and moved on with a new man. His name is Paul Connell, and bravohousewives Instagram account shared a photo of the duo. Dolores deserves to be happy with someone who appreciates her.

Dolores had just ended her relationship with David when she went to Jackie Goldshneider’s keg party. When Jennifer Aydin told Dolores that Jackie was questioning whether Dolores had Jennifer’s back, Paterson Dolores made an appearance.

Jackie and Dolores almost came to blows and had to be separated. Dolores didn’t appreciate Jackie involving herself in her friendship with Jennifer.


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During the most recent episode of RHONJ, Dolores informed Jennifer what Jackie said about her husband, Bill Aydin, having an affair. Dolores understood the assignment, and she is delivering this season. Dolores was sympathetic toward Jennifer when Margaret Josephs first revealed Bill’s infidelity to the world.  It happened 10 years ago, when Jennifer was pregnant. But when Margaret told Dolores that Jennifer was trying to dig up dirt on Jackie’s husband, Evan Goldschneider, that changed.

Last season, Teresa Giudice started a rumor that Evan was cheating on Jackie. Dolores wasn’t happy that Jennifer was trying to get some details from Frank. Frank made it clear that he didn’t believe that Evan cheated on his wife.

Jennifer voiced some doubts about her friendship with Dolores. “Now I’m starting to realize she doesn’t like me and just appeases me for the show. So, I don’t know where we stand,” Jennifer commented.


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Dolores recently appeared on Watch What Happens Live and dissed Jennifer. Dolores was playing a game with host Andy Cohen. Andy asked who the “more loyal friend” was out of Jennifer and Margaret. Dolores picked Margaret. “Right now, Jennifer is being very disloyal to me,” Dolores commented.

“Really, in what way?” Andy asked. “She’s accusing me of not being there for her, but I was in my way. I was trying to be tough love like ‘Jennifer you got this,’” Dolores explained.

It seemed like Dolores was being harsh at her housewarming party when an overwhelmed Jennifer started to cry, and Dolores told her not to cry over Bill’s affair. So, was Dolores trying to toughen up Jennifer, or was she angry that Jennifer tried to find some dirt on Evan?

This season of RHONJ is introducing shifting friendship dynamics, and I am here for it! It looks like Jennifer is going to be caught in the middle between Jackie and Dolores, which is totally unexpected.


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