Shannon Beador Discusses Recent Run-In With Vicki Gunvalson After Vicki Said They “Reconciled”

As Bravo’s longest-running Real Housewives city, Real Housewives of Orange County has undergone many transformations over the years. We can all agree that since Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge left the show, it has shifted into a new (and oftentimes, boring) phase. Heather Dubrow’s return and Kelly Dodd’s firing helped a bit. But the OC is just missing its OGs, whether fans want to admit it or not.

One person who really hates the fact that the show isn’t what it used to be is Shannon Beador. I go back and forth with my feelings about Shannon, but I’m actually enjoying her this season. It’s fun watching her microdose edibles and poorly attempt to hide her jealousy toward Fancy Pants’ life. But her prime was when she was whooping it up with the Tres Amigas. The girls fought hard, partied harder, and made absolutely amazing TV.

The fallout of the Tres Amigas was ugly. Tammy Sue and Vicki went on a crusade against Shannon. But Shanny didn’t do herself any favors by relishing in being the last amiga standing. Regardless, times have changed but the tension between the trio will always remain. Now that Tamra and Vicki are making a Bravo return with Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip, Shannon might be shaking in her boots about the fate of her job.


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Shannon recently appeared on Watch What Happens Live to talk all things RHOC. A fan brought up some comments from Vicki claiming that she recently reconciled with her old friend. The fan, and Andy Cohen, were curious to know the juicy deets of the pair’s conversation. However, the reveal was a total letdown. “We ran into her at a restaurant. So it was, ‘Hello. How are you? I’m doing OK,'” Shannon explained. That was it, even John Janssen confirmed that it really was that dry and boring.

The encounter apparently occurred on Valentine’s Day in an unknown restaurant (I’m going to pretend it’s the Quiet Woman for my own sick fantasy). Shannon did divulge that Vicki was with a new guy. She hasn’t exactly been quiet about playing the field since Steve Lodge drained Vicki’s love tank dry. But a V-Day date seems pretty official, am I wrong?

Shannon says her old friend is happy with her new man, which she’s glad about. Andy didn’t hide his disappointment in the letdown of an encounter. “But that was the reconciliation? That was it?” he asked. Shannon gave a simple “apparently” and let it be known that the Tres Amigas are nowhere near ready to whoop it up at Andale’s anytime soon.


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