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Traci Johnson Says That Teresa Giudice’s “Bark Is A Lot Worse Than Her Bite”

Real Housewives of New Jersey newbie Traci Johnson hasn’t been shy about sharing her opinion of Teresa Giudice. During the Season 12 premiere, Traci and her husband, Tiki Barber, had dinner with Melissa Gorga and her husband, Joe Gorga. Traci immediately questioned Teresa’s relationship with her fiancé, Luis “Louie” Ruelas and that strange video that he was in.

The RHONJ cast was confused by the video. Margaret Josephs led the charge to get answers, which annoyed Teresa.

At the Jersey Shore, a long-simmering feud between Melissa and Jennifer Aydin exploded. Jennifer called Joe “a little bitch,” and Melissa charged at Jennifer. Teresa seemed unfazed.

Joe was upset that his sister, Teresa, didn’t have his back. In fact, Teresa sided with Jennifer and claimed that the argument was Melissa’s fault because Melissa’s started the social media squabble.

Traci was shocked by Teresa’s actions and called Teresa “hypocritical” for the way that she treated her brother. Get used to it, girl.

At boys’ night, Tiki asked Louie about rumors that he was abusive to a woman in his past. Louie said there was no violence and told some crazy story about his ex-fiancée being really thirsty.

Naturally, Teresa was table-flipping furious when she found out that Tiki was quizzing Louie. “Usually, guys don’t do their woman’s dirty work,” Teresa remarked.

Traci told Entertainment Tonight that dealing with Teresa is tricky. “It’s like a Teresa tornado blows in; you never know, just as in a tornado, what kind of weather you’re going to really get,” Traci explained. “She can definitely shock you with things she says.”

The freshman cast member continued, “There’s some moments that leave me scratching my head going, ‘did she really just say that to me?’ But you just have to be ready for all of it and realize her bark is a lot worse than her bite most of the time.” Traci added, “She can come off as very loud, but it’s usually not that harmful.” Oh, Teresa will love that. Traci truly isn’t afraid of the Jersey “OG.”

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At the treescape ropes course, Teresa came in hot. She refused to partner with Traci for the activity, and instead Teresa slammed Traci for having Tiki ask Louie questions. “You cannot be mad at me for something my husband said,” Traci stated. “I am not Tiki’s keeper. I never tell him what to do — nor would he tell me what to do.”

Traci remarked, “I’m sure, 100 percent, he’s heard me talking with all the other girls about these Louie videos and allegations that have arisen in the past. I think he just was like, well, I really wonder what’s going on?” One of the Jersey husbands needed to step up and ask the awkward questions. “So, the fact that she’s annoyed at me for something my husband did is ridiculous, but pretty typical of Teresa,” Traci commented.

When Tiki mentioned Louie’s concerning history at boys’ night, he said that “my wife” was in his ear about the allegations. “I was asking him. I was asking Joe Gorga. I was asking everyone like, what is with these videos? They’re bizarre,” Traci explained. “What’s with these allegations that keep being popped up on Instagram all the time from these various outlets? I think Tiki finally was like, well, stop asking me, stop asking Joe. Ask the source.”

Traci added, “I think she should honestly be happy that Louie had a chance to tell his side of the story.” Unfortunately, none of Louie’s explanations make sense.


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