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Stassi Schroeder Says Vanderpump Rules Spinoff Was In The Works Before She Was Fired By Bravo

Stassi Schroeder’s life has changed dramatically since she was last on Vanderpump Rules. In June of 2020, Stassi and Kristen Doute were given pink slips by Bravo for their racist behavior. In 2018, Kristen and Stassi called the police on Faith Stowers, alleging that their VPR co-star stole clothing, credit cards, and possibly Jax Taylor’s car. Faith was innocent of all those charges.

In the wake of her firing, Stassi’s podcast was shelved, she lost deals with brands, and she was dropped by her PR firm like a hot potato. Both Stassi and Kristen apologized to Faith on social media. “I did not recognize then the serious ramifications that could have transpired because of my actions,” Stassi wrote on Instagram. “What I did to Faith was wrong.” But Stassi and Kristen were criticized for not reaching out to Faith to apologize.

In August of 2020, Stassi was reportedly speaking with Evolution Media about getting her own show. That company also produces Vanderpump Rules. Lisa Vanderpump spoke out and said that the rumor wasn’t true.

Stassi’s fiancé, Beau Clark, stood by his woman. Beau popped the question while Pump Rules cameras rolled in April of 2020. In June of 2020, the couple announced that they were expecting their first baby together.

In October of 2020, Stassi posted a video on Instagram of the couple’s backyard wedding. They welcomed their daughter, Hartford Charlie Rose Clark, on January 7, 2021. Stassi launched a parenting podcast in March of 2021.

Since being “cancelled,” Stassi wrote a book about her experience, titled Off With My Head: The Definitive Basic Bitch Handbook To Surviving Rock Bottom. According to Page Six, Stassi spilled some tea on The Morning Toast podcast about what was in the works for VPR before she was fired. Stassi said that before she was let go, a spinoff of Pump Rules, tentatively titled Valley Rules, was being created. Her wedding to Beau in Italy, which was sidelined by Covid-19, was meant to serve as the bridge between the new shows.

“They were going to slowly transition us and keep Vanderpump Rules with a whole new cast of people who work at the restaurant, and so the rest of us would transition into this,” Stassi explained. She continued, “The way that Vanderpump Rules started, where it was like Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and it transitioned into Vanderpump, that’s what we were going to do with my wedding.” Stassi added, “So that’s not happening.”


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Stassi also talked about calling the police on Faith. “Kristen and I thought we did our due diligence…we acted on gossip, and that was the problem. I did not witness anything, like, I didn’t witness Faith doing anything, and that is truly…the biggest lesson,” Stassi stated. “You can’t go accusing people of things that you’ve never witnessed before.” Duh.

Stassi said that she tried to speak with Faith “the week after I lost all my jobs,” but Faith refused. “I’m like, OK. I have to respect that this person doesn’t want to…I get it. I wouldn’t want to talk to me either,” Stassi commented.

Page Six contacted Bravo for comment.

As of now, we don’t know if/when Pump Rules is returning for Season 10, and what that will look like.


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