Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Season 12 Episode 20 Recap: Apology Not Accepted

Welcome back to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills recap. Last week, Lisa Rinna told the world about Kathy Hilton’s epic meltdown at a private club in Aspen. Rinna took Kathy home in a sprinter van. According to Rinna, Kathy continued to rage, even when they were alone at Kyle Richards’ house.

But there weren’t any cameras at the club, or in the van, or at Kyle’s house. So, all we have is Rinna’s word for it. Could Rinna be targeting Kathy for a storyline? I think the truth is buried somewhere in the middle.

Erika Bares Her Soul

Erika Jayne shares her virtual visit with her therapist. Erika has been going to therapy for three years. Her therapist advises her to let go of the image of the husband that she believed that she had in Tom Girardi.

While Tom could be sweet, he could also be mean. Erika believes that her estranged husband didn’t believe that he had to follow the rules. “I want to believe that it got away from him, and not that he orchestrated it this way,” Erika stated. This is the most vulnerable that I have ever seen Erika. She admits that she is scared.

Pretty Messed Up

Erika hosts a fun Pretty Mess Hair pop-up shop for her friends and their stylists. The press is already asking questions about Kathy’s behavior in Aspen. Sutton Stracke shows up to support Erika because she wants Erika to succeed.

Dorit Kemsley tells Rinna that Kathy remembers exactly what happened in Aspen and that she is upset about the way she behaved. Rinna is pissed because Kathy tried to keep her from speaking out.

Kathy texted Rinna, “Please please do not say anything we discussed. Otherwise, it will make a huge scene that everyone gets dragged into. No bueano.” (Spelled incorrectly, as Rinna noted.)

Another text to Rinna read, “Please it goes further than you would want to know. Silence is golden. I am staying silent,” Kathy wrote with heart emojis.

Kathy also went on Instagram Live and denied that the Aspen incident happened. Rinna, once again, was annoyed.

Rinna and Dorit fill in the rest of the RHOBH ladies. Kathy became enraged at the club when the DJ refused to play “Billie Jean.” A manager told Kathy to go back to Los Angeles. Diana Jenkins tipped the manager $200 to keep it quiet.

Sheree Zampino mentions that Kathy was upset and agitated outside of Kemo Sabe earlier that day. Ding! Now Rinna realizes that she set off the meltdown by ordering Kendall Jenner’s tequila instead of Kathy’s brand.

While Rinna won’t tell the ladies exactly what Kathy said about them, she happily runs it down in her confessional. Kathy allegedly called Sutton and Crystal Kung Minkoff  “pieces of sh*t” and said they should be axed from the show. She supposedly called Dorit a “stupid, useless idiot.” Kathy was upset that she has to be around her co-stars.

Rinna has been sending Kathy prayers and blessings because she needs them. Oh, please.

Sutton’s Southern Hospitality

Sutton invited Erika over for lunch. She is serving Popeye’s Chicken, but on the fancy china. And she is serving up either sweet tea or champagne. Sutton doesn’t want to see Erika striking out at people. She suggests that Erika use some compassion in her voice. They agree that “victim” is a trigger word for Erika. Erika just wants to be heard, and Sutton understands that.

Is That An Apology?

Kyle is anxious while waiting for Kathy to arrive. Kathy makes a joke about coming in from the ranch to apologize. That is just…odd.

Kyle and Kathy’s relationship had been strained by Kyle’s television show, American Woman. When Kyle’s husband, Mauricio Umansky, left Rick Hilton’s real estate firm to start The Agency, it was another source of tension.

Kathy apologized for venting and admitted that she didn’t think that Kyle would find out. I guess that makes it okay, then! Kyle asked why her sister said such horrible things about her. Kathy blamed the altitude, the wine, and being tired as reasons for her temper tantrum.

When Kyle said that Kathy’s words make it feel like she hates her, Kathy flips it back on Kyle. She accuses Kyle of not spending time with family and not answering her phone calls. Kathy says that she is proud of Kyle, and all her achievements, adding that their mother would be, too. It means a great deal to Kyle to hear the words, but Kathy’s actions contradict those sentiments.

Rinna Takes All

Conveniently, Rinna is on the way over to Kyle’s house. Kathy makes the same jokey apology to Rinna, but Rinna is all business. First of all, Kathy is wearing the same shirt that she was wearing the night of her verbal tirade, which aggravates Rinna.

Kathy apologizes and denies having a temper. Rinna wants to know what made Kathy say such terrible things. She wants Kathy to take responsibility for her actions and get some help. Kathy told Rinna, “I feel you can be very unkind, too.” Then she explains how a good friend is dying of cancer and starts crying.

After a while, Rinna tells Kathy that she isn’t going to get away with gaslighting her. In her confessional, Kathy brought up how Rinna became physical with her sister, Kim Richards, in Amsterdam.

Rinna asks where Kathy’s “black heart” comes from. Kathy is done and leaves. Kyle feels stuck in the middle and like Rinna pushed Kathy. As for Rinna? She looks pretty pleased with herself.


[Photo by: Nicole Weingart/Bravo]