THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS -- Episode 906 -- Pictured: Lisa Rinna -- (Photo by: Isabella Vosmikova/Bravo)

Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Season 12 Reunion Recap Part 2: Does Lisa Rinna Hate Sutton Stracke?

Last week, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 12 reunion kicked off. Let’s discuss fashion. I like Dorit Kemsley and Crystal Kung Minkoff’s looks the most. I’m not sure what Kyle Richards is wearing.

Garcelle Wants Diana To Leave Her Alone

Garcelle Beauvais wants Diana Jenkins to leave her alone. Diana pointed out that Garcelle called her “evil” after she called Sutton Stracke “the c-word.” Diana asked which word is worse. Host Andy Cohen confidently replied, “The c-word.” Lisa Rinna, Erika Jayne, and Dorit all think being called evil is worse.

Diana accused Garcelle of calling her “soulless,” but it was Sutton. Diana said that none of the RHOBH cast would ever do anything to hurt Garcelle’s son, Jax. She filed a lawsuit to discover who hired the bots to harass Jax. Diana wants to prevent it from happening to others. Regarding the lawsuit, Garcelle responded, “Good for her.”

Gossip Over Lunch

It is time for the Beverly Hills ladies’ lunch break. Rinna and Erika chatted about how Garcelle’s belief that it was one of her co-stars that hired the bots is causing “division” in the group.

Garcelle told Sutton that she will not stop until she discovers who harassed Jax. Sutton has her back. I love this duo!

Sutton was relieved that she has been cleared regarding the “dark” comment that Crystal claimed Sutton made. Kyle and Dorit discussed how Crystal’s story was not true.

A Trashy Admission

Andy talked with Garcelle about her book and getting her first Birkin. Andy asked Erika if she read any of Garcelle’s book before she tossed it in the trash.

Then, Rinna copped to putting the book in the trash. Rinna claimed that she and Garcelle had an agreement that their kids were off-limits. Garcelle mentioned a discussion with Rinna in Paris about her daughter Amelia Hamlin in the book, which pissed Rinna off.

Rinna’s lawyer contacted Garcelle’s manager. They decided to remove that section about Amelia in the second edition of the book and the audio. Both ladies have moved on.

Rinna sent the video of Garcelle’s book in the trash to the group chat. Garcelle and Sutton are obviously not part of that chat. Erika posted it to social media after Garcelle used a clip dissing Erika to promote her book. And never fear- Rinna has started recycling ever since there was backlash over a phone being in the trash.

Rinna Reflects On Losing Her Mother

Rinna’s beloved mother, Lois Rinna, passed away in November of 2021. A package of Rinna attacking Sutton on several occasions played, as well as Rinna crying about missing Lois.

Rinna admitted that maybe it would have been better to take time off from the show while she was grieving her loss. She apologized for being “a maniac.”

She said that she felt some closure after her mother’s memorial service in July of 2022. A viewer question asked Rinna about using her mother’s passing as an excuse for her “despicable behavior.” The actress replied that it has been a very confusing time navigating her mother’s loss, and she has been seeing a therapist.  Andy asked Rinna what Lois thought of her on RHOBH. Rinna said that Lois never made her “feel bad.” Lois and Rinna had such a sweet relationship.

Is Sutton A Liability?

Next up is a package of Sutton spilling the tea about Rinna and her husband Harry Hamlin never thanking her for inviting them to the Elton John gala. As you may recall, Erika told Garcelle that Sutton was “a liability.” It also showed Sutton telling Diana that she had also experienced miscarriages.

When Kyle told Sutton about Dorit’s home invasion, Sutton made that odd remark about not having a gun to her head. She explained later that hearing that was triggering for her because of her father’s suicide. Kyle felt that Sutton’s comment was “flippant.” Sutton apologized to Dorit and said that it was the worst thing that she had ever said in her life. Dorit was glad to hear that from Sutton.

It’s All About Sutton

Dorit remarked that Sutton mentioning her own miscarriages was Sutton making every situation about her. Andy asked Garcelle if Sutton ever makes things about her. She admitted that Sutton sometimes does that.

Then Andy asked Rinna if Erika was a liability for her. Crystal jumped in, stating that the Fox Force Four protect each other. Garcelle agreed. Finally!

Sutton Calls Out Rinna’s Attacks

Sutton stated that she didn’t know why Rinna “hates” her so much. She added that Rinna was “brutal” to her all season. After filming ended, Rinna continued her attacks on social media. Sutton doesn’t consider her a friend.

Sutton claimed that she was a dead horse that turned into “glue.” Dorit didn’t know that they make glue out of dead horses. Oof.

Anyway, Sutton asked for an apology. Rinna did issue one, stating that she took out her emotions on Sutton.

A Pause For Rinna?

Andy again brought up Rinna’s social media posts. He called her out for blaming production for the bot attack on Garcelle’s son. She admitted that she is impulsive and that she is trying to improve. A fan recommended putting Rinna on pause. “Put me f**king on pause! I don’t care!” Rinna exclaimed.

The discussion turned to Rinna’s social media post about how if anyone fights with Garcelle, they are called racist. Rinna claimed that she was referring to trolls. Garcelle explained that sometimes people use microaggressions without realizing it.

Crystal and Kyle started bickering again about Crystal’s feelings and her “dark” comment about Sutton. Dorit asked if Garcelle or Crystal thought that any of the ladies were racist. Garcelle replied, “No.”

Next time, Kathy Hilton joins the ladies in Part 3 of the reunion. Break out your face rollers for that episode!


[Photo by: Isabella Vosmikova/Bravo]