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Sutton Stracke Thinks Lisa Rinna Lashed Out At Her Due To Grief

Sutton Stracke has been deep in the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills drama this season. Sutton mixed it up again with RHOBH co-star Crystal Kung Minkoff over their feud last season. And Sutton hasn’t seen eye to eye with icy newbie Diana Jenkins since day one.

Last season, Lisa Rinna came for Garcelle Beauvais because Garcelle failed to thank Harry Hamlin for a jar of homemade sauce.

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Sutton revealed that she invited Lisa and Harry to be her guests at Elton John’s gala, and they never thanked her. I love when Sutton is petty.

Lisa jumped on her Instagram Story while WWHL was airing. “We didn’t come as your guests @suttonstracke, “Lisa wrote. “@eltonjohn invited us to his event, you asked us to sit at your table, so we did. Let’s just make that clear.” Queens of Bravo on Instagram posted a video clip and Lisa’s comments.

Sutton apologized at Harry’s birthday dinner, and the two seemed to be on good terms. But that didn’t stop Lisa from shading Sutton as “a gold digger.”

When Erika Jayne told Sutton’s good friend Garcelle that Sutton was “a liability” and the “master of her own disaster,” Garcelle wasn’t happy. I can’t believe that Erika called someone else “a liability.” At Lisa’s wine tasting, there was an explosive argument between Lisa and Sutton.

Sutton told Entertainment Tonight, “When I get ready for bed after we’ve had a group dinner or something, I always have to look in the mirror to see if there’s a knife back there so I don’t lay on it even further.”

She continued, “Look, I have my new house fully renovated, I’ve got two children going to very good schools on the East Coast. I’m a happy person,” Sutton remarked. “So, I don’t know where the disaster lies in that. Then to call me a liability, I find very ironic and not… we talk about it later.” I hope so!

“Whenever we watch things back, or we get to see scenes where we’re not a part of them and hear what people have said about us, it does change maybe your opinion of the friendship,” Sutton explained. “I’m a face-to-face person. I don’t do that. I don’t take up Twitter wars. I don’t do any of that stuff,” the boutique owner added.

Sutton attributes some of Lisa’s outbursts to the loss of her beloved 93-year-old mother, Lois Rinna. Lois passed away in November of 2021 after suffering a stroke. Lisa was upset that her mother, who appeared several times on RHOBH, only received a tribute in one episode.

Lisa apologized via Instagram for her outbursts. “I’m sorry if I’ve raged on you, about you- it really has nothing to do with any of you,” Lisa wrote. The post has been deleted.

During the wine tasting, Sutton confronted Erika about her comments. The Elton John drama was rehashed because Erika said that Sutton shamed Lisa to get back at her for the sauce drama with Garcelle.

A drunken Lisa threatened to “f**king cut [Sutton] down!” Lisa doesn’t want her husband, or her kids dragged into the feuding. Don’t ask about the husband, right, Kim Richards?

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“I’ll tell you this: I think that this season, Lisa was grieving and points of grief have lots of ebbs and flows,” Sutton told Entertainment Tonight. “[Maybe] I was a safe place for Lisa to launch the anger part of grief, I don’t know. But I think that a lot of it was grief. I do,” she added.

“I think there’s some real anger, but then I think that anger is heightened because of what all is going on in her personal life,” Sutton commented. So, where does Lisa and Sutton’s relationship stand?

“I think that Lisa… Lisa has even said this to me: We have a very complicated relationship,” Sutton stated. “I know her outside of this group of women. So, I think that’s what makes it complicated.”


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