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Kyle Richards And Kathy Hilton Give An Update On Where They Stand With Each Other

Kathy Hilton and Kyle Richards are updating fans of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills about where they currently stand with each other.

We all know the pair have fought, made up, fought, and made up again. But now, the sisters are in one of the biggest fights fans of RHOBH have ever seen. After a rocky season of allegations and accusations, Season 12 ended in such an icy way.

Yes, Lisa Rinna was back stirring up trouble like she always does. And Erika Jayne was in the background trying to rip Kathy apart over her alleged breakdown that took place in Aspen, Colorado. It led to an intense off-season with firey back-and-forth social media wars between cast members.

I mean, the drama was so intense that Kathy ended up slamming Rinna as one of Hollywood’s “biggest bullies.” Even then, it didn’t seem to phase Lisa as she fully embraces the villain role on RHOBH. On top of that, she’s even compared herself to LeBron James.  Please, this girl knows she brings the action in the 90210.

After letting Lisa get in between them, Kyle and Kathy are still having a hard time getting back on track. According to People, Kathy told Access Hollywood that she and Kyle haven’t spoken in some time. “I have not talked to [Kyle] in a while,” she said. “We’ve texted, but I have not talked to her for a while.”

Kyle also gave her own update, telling Extra, “We could be better, but we are sisters and at the end of the day we always come together, but we could be better and that’s what I want, that’s what I need in my life — to feel good.”

It seems like most of the Bravo family, including Andy Cohen, believe that Kathy and Kyle will work out their differences and get back on track. And I’m sure they will too. We’ve seen it happen before.

As far as what’s going on with the newest season of RHOBH, Kyle assures fans that we will get some news regarding the new season soon.

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“I think ‘pause’ is the word of the moment; it sounds more dramatic than it actually is. I think we just kind of want to shift our schedule,” she said. “We used to start in April, it’s kind of inched its way over the years, but we are starting later this time,” Kyle added.

In recent years, if a city doesn’t pick up filming shortly after the reunion, people start to assume things are going terribly wrong. Kyle set the record straight, telling us to take a deep breath and relax. “People think there must be some drama, ‘they are starting late,’ it’s not that serious,” she explained.

Well, either way, I hope they get the cameras rolling in Beverly Hills again soon. I’m so eager to see who makes the cut and who doesn’t. This cast definitely needs a cast shake-up, and I hope Bravo agrees.


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]