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Real Housewives Of New Jersey Season 13 Episode 2: Melissa Gorga Is Done With Family, Family, Family

Real Housewives of New Jersey never wastes any time introducing plenty of dramatic storylines to carry us through the reunion. We’re just a couple of episodes into Season 13 and there are already so many feuds to keep track of. It doesn’t help that we have three newbies in the mix who are earning their spots on the Teresa Giudice show.

The latest RHONJ episode finally shows the tension between Tre and the Gorgas boiling over. Melissa Gorga can’t bite her tongue any longer and isn’t ready to feel the love love love with Tre. Check out the five main takeaways from RHONJ Season 13 Episode 2, “Family, Family, Family.”

Melissa Needs A New Schtick

We’re only two episodes into this season of RHONJ and I can already tell MelGo is going to get on my last nerve. Sometimes, I can sympathize with Joe Gorga and his wife because Tre is stubborn and very often wrong. But it seems like the tension is different this year, especially as Tre enters a new, calmer phase of life with Luis Ruelas. The Gorgas seem hung up on appearances, like taking red-carpet photos with Tre or being involved in her wedding, rather than working on genuinely repairing the relationship outside of the TV show.

MelGo and Tarzan spend plenty of one-on-one time (on camera, of course) venting about Tre and Luis, but it comes to a head during the episode. The infamous seating chart at Tre and Luis’ engagement party was brought up, where the Gorgas allegedly sat at the “friends” table rather than the “family” table. Tre tries to say it was a mistake and that MelGo actually wanted to sit at another table, which activates Melissa. She tells Tre she’s done hearing her speak about “family, family, family” when they can’t even get along.

The entire conversation seemed overblown (as most Real Housewives fights) and shouldn’t have been a catalyst to such a relationship-altering decision like Joey skipping Tre’s big day. IDK, are other people actually siding with the Gorgas on this one? It’s clearly a layered issue, but I’m not buying their “poor me” excuse any longer. Also, I’m seeing Melissa as an instigator rather than a peacemaker, which will never be the right answer.

Dolores Is Staying Activated In Season 13

Dolores Catania is done being seen as an RHONJ sidekick. Not only has she found her new man Paul Connell, but she also fully embraced her Paterson Dolores side. She’s putting her foot down with Frank Catania when it comes to setting boundaries in their relationship. Mostly, Dolo is spending her screen time calling out the so-called “C. U. Next. Tuesday” that she thinks Jennifer Aydin is.

Jennifer is forever my problematic fave. It doesn’t even make sense why she and Dolores are fighting to this extreme. Dolo takes being a friend so seriously that Jennifer throwing a few digs was enough to ruin their tight bond. At Danielle Cabral’s house party, Dolo is less than enthused to be reunited with Jennifer so quickly after their last brawl. “I’m gonna smash her f–king face in,” Dolores says under her breath. See — she’s cutthroat this season and all of the RHONJ ladies better watch their backs. Especially Tre, who is caught dead in the middle of this losing battle.

The Ramonacoaster Makes A Cameo

Tre is knee-deep in wedding planning and sparing no expense. The party of the year has to have everything — a massive guest list, circus performers, fireworks, the whole nine yards. The first step is sending out invites, which is no small feat for a popular girl like Tre. While the invites were beautiful with etched glass and fresh flowers, Tre didn’t expect a little disaster called Ramona Singer to come crashing in.

If you remember back to Tre’s road to the altar, Ramona was so excited to get invited. In fact, she couldn’t help herself from sharing the private details of Tre’s ceremony with her TONS OF INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS. Classic Ramona. Tre is seen in the episode stressing about redoing the details and fixing the mess that Ramona made. It’s a fun moment to see a mention of the Real Housewives of New York OG who we probably won’t see much of on TV anymore. She may be gone, but never forgotten.

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Danielle Cabral’s Mozzarella Party Is An Epic Debut

It’s only right to take a moment to honor the addition of Danielle Cabral to RHONJ. She’s a Jersey girl through and through. Her home life is interesting as she’s fabulous, but still on the humble side. She can’t get over the Taj Mahal that is Jennifer’s massive house in Paramus. It’s relatable to see a Housewife who is nervous to host a party at her house because it isn’t as big as her co-stars. Also, her kid gets a bonus point for his hilarious “adult” British accent that included dropping an F-Bomb. Reality TV gold.

Danielle really shows us who she is in this episode with her mozzarella-making party. She has a background in party planning so it’s over-the-top, even in her so-called humble abode. The ladies have fun (honestly, a little too much) watching a hunky Italian stretch fresh mozzarella in the backyard. “A bunch of sick f–ks right now getting turned on by cheese,” Dolores screams at one point. These light moments are mixed in with all of the aforementioned screaming matches, but that’s what keeps it interesting. Have I mentioned I freakin’ love RHONJ?

Jennifer Vs. Margaret Returns In Full-Force

Jennifer and Margaret Josephs were on a good track toward reconciliation for about two seconds. That is, until this episode when Marge learns that Jennifer was digging up dirt on her. Jennifer reveals that one of Marge’s ex-besties reached out to give her and Tre some tea on her old friend. They confirm that the woman told them that Marge is a pot stirrer who does her own digging, but the more interesting part was a secret they kept under wraps. Jennifer says she won’t reveal it unless Marge really does something to make her mad, which doesn’t seem like it’ll take long. I was relating again to Danielle during this scene who was dying to know Tre and Jennifer’s dirty little secret.

At Danielle’s party, Margaret confronts Jennifer about stirring the pot. It escalates quickly, even though Jennifer owns up to it. Marge just won’t hear Jennifer out and then starts accusing her of having “marijuana paranoia.” Girl, what? Margaret doubles down in a gross way that Jennifer needs therapy and help, which is just mean girl behavior. It’s safe to say the majority of the RHONJ girls love a little gossip. It seemed overblown for Marge to get this upset about Jennifer, especially knowing that Messy Jen might have some secret dirt up her sleeve.


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