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Vanderpump Rules Star Tom Sandoval Shares Why He Feels “Pressure” In Relationship With Ariana Madix

Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix really seem like a good couple. Their longterm relationship was born from the very debaucherous Vanderpump Rules. Tons of alcohol, casual sex, and it definitely not being about the pasta appears to be the key for everlasting love on Bravo. Tom and Ariana are hanging in there despite their unconventional bond. While their friends were getting married and having babies, Tom and Ariana were saving money and getting cool stuff in their house.

Season 10 of Pump Rules is finally upon us and almost everyone on the cast is single. Tom has opened his own bar with Tom Schwartz and he and Ariana are hanging in there. Now that the new season is on air, Tom explains what it feels like to be the number one relationship in the group.

He told Bravo’s The Daily Dish, “It’s a lot of pressure.” It might be a lot of pressure, but at least Tom and Ariana haven’t fallen victim to the pregnancy pact or getting married like the rest of their crew. He said, “But we don’t really think about it like that. People’s relationships are where they need to be. Some have run their course. I don’t really think of it like us outlasting or anything like that.”

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I suppose the endurance of their relationship peeves some people who would rather they act like idiots fight on television, so much that the couple have been accused of having an “open relationship”. Can’t two people be in love and normal about it instead of doing things like shouting, “I AYAM ENGAYGED” and looking like a total nut bar? Ariana shot down those “open” rumors a while back.

They did share some secrets to their longevity and included some “key ingredients.” Tom said, “I would say definitely having a good banter, communication, and taking adventures together.” Ariana added, “I would say being friends first. Because when you’re friends with somebody in addition to being in a relationship with them — or before being in a relationship with them — you really get to know that person on a level that’s not just ‘I think they’re hot. Do they think I’m hot?’ I think that level of connection is really important.”

The love gurus continued to say laughter is high up on the list of important connections. Ariana said Tom is a real comedic genius. “I think Tom’s really funny. And I like the way he goes full-on with everything he does. Even if Tom’s gonna sing a karaoke song, he’s gonna go full out!” Good ‘old Extra Tom.

The compliments didn’t end there. I’m literally getting diabetes from writing this article. Tom said Ariana is a variable warehouse of helpful information. “I like how smart Ariana is. I often refer to her as my information booth!” While Pump Rules provides fans with insights into Ariana and Tom’s life, the longtime lovers shared something we weren’t already privy to. That’s right my friends, we’re about to find out how they have each other’s names saved in their contacts.

Buckle up kids, here’s some brand-new info! Ariana said, “Tom is ‘Tom Sandoval Villa Blanca’ in mine.” Tom has a similar listing for Ariana. “She’s actually in my phone twice,” he said. “Once as ‘Ariana Madix’ and once as ‘Ariana Villa Blanca.’” After years of watching Schwartz and Katie Maloney bitch and moan and then wind up married, this cutesy stuff is low-key refreshing.

After watching their relationship flourish and being able to witness their joint ventures in the cocktail book, what’s next for these two? Is it time for Ariana to get herself in the bar business? The way Katie’s head would spin around, twist off, and fly right out of West Hollywood. Tom said, “That’s definitely something we’re open to. I just need a minute after Schwartz & Sandy’s, and she’s working on the sandwich shop [with Katie].” Ariana quipped, “People expect things to happen so fast on TV, but in real life, things take time! Maybe we’d do that one day, but it would be years down the line for sure.”

Now I’m not one for foreshadowing, but could there possibly be a VPR spinoff on the horizon? Could you imagine the amount of bruised feelings if Tom and Ariana ever got their own show? Sounds like all is well in Tom and Ariana land. Guess it doesn’t hurt to be a little extra after all.


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]